Achieving Brilliance; A Strange But Fulfilling Valentine’s Day, An Old Poem; A Visit to the Trump; An Email to Triple C; A Chance to Sponsor Clare; Socks

A wonderful email greeted me this morning. It was from Laura at Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

She: Brilliant! Thank you so much for sending these through to me! I’m pleased to confirm that I am now able to pass your application file onto the faculty for the MA in Fine and Decorative Art and Design.

Complications had arisen but were stunningly resolved. This issue of academic references proved a little difficult, having to do with the simple fact that I graduated in 1964 and, therefore, most of my professors were dead, or at least, retired. But Laura was a fantastic problem solver and so helpful. A professional reference would suffice and then Patti and Jack became so helpful. Perhaps suffice shall become the word of the day. Suffice: be enough, be sufficient, be adequate, do, serve, meet requirements, satisfy demands, answer/meet one’s needs, answer/serve the purpose; informal fit/fill the bill.

So Jack rose to the occasion, his letter of recommendation filled the bill. It was read yesterday on Valentine’s Day so it actually became a Valentine because it was filled with such wonderful compliments. Jack, by the way, is one of the bosses at Marin County Counsel’s Office.

He; I am pleased to write a letter of academic support for Alexis McBride’s application for the Masters’ Program in Fine Arts and Design at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. I have known Alexis for approximately forty (40) years and have always been impressed with her hunger for learning, new challenges, energy and motivation….…I believe that Alexis will do well in the Masters’ Program at Sotheby’s. She possesses that rare talent in which she excels in the art world, the criminal justice field and the civil legal field.

Holy cow! Is that me? Apparently yes. I shall definitely take Patti and Jack to lunch when I am back in the Bay Area. So all of that pressure is off my shoulders. I have my passport, having such fun going to pick it up. I love those folks at the American Consulate and the feeling is rather mutual. They joked that I should come and work there or, at least. volunteer. I promised that I would think of another reason to come and visit before I leave.

Valentine’s Day dawned with no man in sight, I remembered that, during my adolescence, I penned a poem that was most apt, just to show how some things never change.

Valentine’s Day is the day

That I am made to pay

For the way I was too coy

To more than one boy.

I am thinking that coy should be the other word of the day. Coy, is an adjective: simpering, coquettish, flirtatious, kittenish; demure, shy, modest, bashful, reticent, diffident, self-effacing, shrinking, timid. ANTONYMS brazen.(Her coy demeanor is just an act). I do not know, perhaps brazen describes me better. After all the word famous Triple C joke is constantly retold.

He: What is the difference between a coffee pot and Ms. McBride

Me: I give up!

He: You give up too easy.

Me: That is what all guy’s say. But just tell me.

He: The coffee pot has a filter.

I can say the most outlandish things, they just pop out of my mouth.

I did the strangest thing after picking up my passport. I visited the Trump International Hotel on West Georgia Street. I have not been there since the end of October 2017. I was in for a surprise because so many hugs, people were SO glad to see me. I even saw a big deal from Holburn Group who was lunching at the Mott with a very prestigious and able real estate star.

Me: (to the star) We knew each other several months ago but actually he and I have had fights.

He: But that is what friends do.

Me: I guess you are right! I never thought about that. When I leave I want a party please.

He: We will think about it, Auntie

It is a long story but it took so much effort not to break out crying because being called Aunt in the past by a certain two children and two grown men had such meaning to me. “Those were the days, my friend, we though they’d never end”. But they did.

It felt good to be back, to be remembered fondly and to remember the good days. But would you not know???? Triple C was not there. But I sent him an email.


I stopped by the dreaded Trump earlier today with the express purpose of seeing you!! But not you, I asked A. to give you a hug and blow a kiss 💋 so he is not making a pass at you, he is merely following My Commands. Your 👑 Queen

I also got another fantastic compliment from my Sensai Yoshi. I had received an email from a flower store in the Bloomsbury District in London announcing their schedule of flower arranging classes. It seemed heaven sent because I miss flower arranging so much and it looks like I can take classes in London. I am most happy. This is what Yoshi said:

She: You are having another new adventure. You are like a flower that hasn’t bloomed yet.

Me: That is so beautiful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.

So I bought myself tulips for Valentine’s, there were chocolate hearts at the YWCA, a wonderful woman at the Y passed out chlorate hearts to everyone and a new friend at the Y said this about one of her friends.

She: She read your blog and said that she loved you already.

Me: My goodness! That is a great Valentine’s Day present. Thank you.

Being positive is such a good thing but instead people wallow in their misery. I look at it in a different way these days. If everyone was positive I would not be so unique, so wallow away.

All of you people read me, occasionally I bring you cheer and David’s jokes. Here is a way you can pay me. Chris, the genius, my computer Guru has a wonderful wife Clare. We met at the Rex Whistler in December and we really hit it off. I got this email from Chris.

He: I don”t know if you remember, Clare is running a half marathon in March, for charity, Refuge, if you are feeling so disposed you might like to add to her quite impressive list of donors.

Me: I will! And will put it on the blog. It cannot hurt.

The picture is a pair of socks in Time Framer’s. Rather appropriate, you do have to admit.


Psycho socks

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