Snow on Sunday Observed While Communicating with High School and Uni Friend; Remembering Sleepless Nights; The Good and Bad of Vancouver; Pretty Toes; Two Definitions

It is Sunday morning. I am awake, in bed, my lap top on my knees conversing with my high school and Uni friend whose nickname is CPI which stands for Couch Potato Introvert or, as she cleverly says: Canadian Price Index. She actually lives nearby but we rarely see one another. She is reclusive. There was a time that I was bothered by the lack of human contact but no longer. It works for both of us at the present time and will ensure continuing contact when I move to London. She emails in the middle of the night instead of sleeping. During the Joo Kim Tiah days there was a crazy threesome. For some reason three o’clock in the morning was a time when Joo Kim and I would be corresponding when he was in China and Malaysia and I could reach out to her at the same time. Of course those days ended at the end of October 2017 and thank goodness for that. My sleeping patterns were totally destroyed, Sleep is so fundamentally important as has been discussed on this blog and so those were bad times for me. Now I have long, restful, uninterrupted sleeps filled with interesting dreams. It keeps me same. I woke up last week in that wonderful Crisis Shelter in Seattle and said to a staff member.

Me: That was the best sleep of my entire life I think. I must have slept for ten hours.

He: Well, you were really tired.

Me: Yes, I got no sleep at all because of the screams of the other people in the jail, It was awful. It was horrifying.

But even in the midst of that horror there was some hope. A man sang spirituals and chanted and I yelled to him that I loved his singing. I sang to myself – the musical version of The Lord is My Shepard. I have a strange affiliation for the 23 Psalm which began when I first came to live in Vancouver in March of 2017. I do not understand it but it is comforting to me. I had a post traumatic stress attack that morning in the Center, I was able to sooth myself by laying on a cot and repeating my precious Psalm to myself over and over. But those days are past and now I lie in my own bed, converse with my friend and look out the window. I comment that it is snowing and it is a welcome sight, not much just a few flakes.

We are discussing the form of a book I may be writing and her comments are most useful and helpful. She reminds me that I did research on blog books at VPL and suggests that this might be a forum. I respond to her thinking.

Me: Yes, I did explore the blog books but found that they were just a rather obvious ploy to make money for the author and were not at all inspirational. If I was hell bent on publishing a book for the sake of publishing a book a blog book would probably be the easiest, and perhaps something to think about. It would be most easy to do because of the ‘related stores’ tool in the blog. It would be extremely easy to gather stories of a similar theme and combine them chapters. That could be combined with back stories – giving details not before revealed. Actually not a bad idea. For example it is possible to go into the search engine and type in Joo Kim Tiah and there he is in all of his glory. Except he isn’t mentioned by name until August of 2017.

I then supplied some examples of what was learned by reading an old post where he was quoted, but not be name. It was most revealing the conclusion arrived upon. But I am not telling you for free – I have to have something secret that people will pay money to read. I spoke of the nefarious hotel industry which seems, in Vancouver anyway, morally corrupt. I continue my conversation with CPI:

Me: So . I have a lot of fuel for the fodder but it is not to be forgotten that I am heading off for London and school and will be emerged into the art world. I welcome the diversion although there are definitely some shenanigans going on there. Do you not love that word which means: secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering: widespread financial shenanigans had ruined the fortunes of many.

So what a bargain. I get to converse with an old friend and use it on the blog keeping some secrets for possible profit down the road. At times I can be most clever, if I do say so myself.

Faithful readers may want an update on yesterday’s activities. I went to Davie Street for many purposes. I purchased some MJ salves for my knee, a woman at the YWCA informed me of its whereabouts. I had a pedicure performed by my wonderful Amy, perhaps I will take a picture of them and include with this blog. Then to the European Deli, how I love that store. I purchased many things including wild boar sausage.

Me: My goodness, wild boar sausage! They must have killed one or two of my old lovers and turned them into sausages. I must buy some just for old times sake!

He: You are too funny! We will miss you when you go to London.

Me: Do not say that, I will cry.

Then to India Bistro and a dinner of Tandoori chicken that was absolutely delicious. I told the chef, quite truthfully, that it was the best I had eaten my whole life. The owner’s son is so precious to me, partially because he went to the University of Regina. But we have the best chats. I must go to that restaurant more often! I will! .

Then to Ombre Restaurant for their opening which promised dancing and fun. It wasn’t, it was spooky, weird and ill-attended. I left very early so I have no idea of any of the 45 showed up. Just when you start liking Vancouver,(that wonderful Davie Street) then it goes utterly weird on you. I am too naive for this place, honest to goodness I am. I know about the money laundering and the white collar crime that supports it but it is endemic, which shall become another word of the day. Endemic: (of a disease or condition) regularly found among particular people or in a certain area.‘complacency is endemic in industry today’

What are my plans for the day?

Me: I thought you would never ask. My apartment is a mess so I shall clean it while listening to a pod cast, not been doing that for awhile. I have an appointment to have Vicky blow dry my hair – then perhaps I can get my passport picture taken with a great hairdo. It is a great plan. My knee is not hurting alot because of the salve. Life is good, and then bad, and then good again. But remember, there is no joy without sorrow.

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