My Necessary Men; Better Safe Than Sorry; Not a Clay Pigeon; News from Facebook; Honesty; A Gift From a Little Girl and a GIF

I do not have a husband at this moment but I do have men that are necessary to my existence. Chris, my blog guy, sent me the following email.

He: Posted, these sort of videos are called GIFs X

Me; love you and I am laughing! Nobody is perfect I cannot know that everything! Hahahaha.

Another man who I utterly adore wrote (and I have it in writing)

He; You are a wonderful person, Alexis

I am not sure why, but I did not respond, but began to weep uncontrollably . \I guess if I would have responded it would go like this.

Me; No you are a wonderful person.

He; No you are a wonderful person

Me: No you are a wonderful person

He; I said it first, so I win!

It was probably best that I just cried and did not respond because I do hate loosing.

Then I accidentally ran into Al Goldstein, a man that I have known for years and years and years and years. He is older than me, he is older than God.

Me; Hi! it is me Alexis. I love you Al.

He: I love you Alexis

Me: I look at what is going on in the United States and say if only Al was around and had some power then things would be better and there would not be such a mess.

Al was huge in his time working alongside Bobby Kennedy, cleaning up crime and corruption. Al was a legend in his own time and his father won the Pulitzer Prize for breaking the Lerner/ Lowe kidnapping case and he said he loved me but it was not in writing but there was a witness, his wife. Now all of that sounds unbelievable but it is true and there is not even any exaggeration.

I was emailing CPI telling her of my plans for the day. There is a Women’s Day rally at the San Francisco Civic Centre which is a mere two blocks away from my hotel and I was thinking of going. But it occurred to me, as I wrote, that it might not be a safe place to be, what with no gun control and a big bunch of angry white men around. I reconsidered thinking that it is much better to be safe than sorry. It does have to be remembered that I do not live in these United States and have no plans to resume permanent residency here. I have no particular desire to be target practice for some crazed guy with a gun, last time I looked I was not a clay pigeon, therefore I let myself off the hook.

Than this weird thing happened. I went on FaceBook (which I do occasionally) and found an entry made by Husband #1.

Husband #1; Travelling down 101 with the wife for the first time in years.

Me; I commented” I am in SF, are you coming to see me? How eerie.”

According to the time of the FaceBook entry with the picture of the scenery he was encountering at the time – he should be here about now but he is probably not going to the rally at the Civic Centre either.

I received more correspondence from my Vancouver friend about the issue of honesty and, with her permission, I shall pass it along.

She; I have learned allot about when certain people are genuine with their honest: meaning not being mean or revengeful, but just honest where they are with the states of where things are in their life. It certainly is a gift when your the recipient-I feel honoured that you did not have to edit your words♥

And then she sent a GiF which will hopefully enhance this posting. The other accompaniment to this posting is a colouring that graced instagram yesterday garnering 20 likes. I guess the word of the day shall be accompaniment which can mean : complement, supplement, addition, adjunct, appendage, trimming, companion, accessory. A little girl was leaving a restaurant, her hand clutching several pieces of paper. I completed her on her hair and waved as she walked by the window. She responded by showing me her art – the images she had crayoned. The most elaborate was one of Paris, and I told her I had been there. She checked with her mother but then gifted me with her most precious Paris image. She dutifully signed it with her first name and her country. She was from Brazil, she spoke no English so all of my words were in vain. However, we certainly did communicate and I told her mother that I would include the work on my blog. This little girl, Inez from Brazil will grow up to be a fine person, she is generous, giving, talented and is supported by a mother who can share and encourages her daughters talents so that strangers (like me) also praise her. Some mothers hoard their children, telling me and them that they are shy. These children are isolated and cling to their mothers, which provides these women with a form of gratification. Perhaps gratification will be the other word of the day satisfaction, fulfilment, indulgence, relief, quenching, slaking, satiation, appeasement, assuagement; pleasure, enjoyment, thrill, relish;

Some women relish, enjoy and take pleasure from having someone totally dependent on them, not thinking of the long term consequences. I am taking my inez art home to Vancouver, have it framed so I can always remember the fine moment in San Francisco when a little girl shared her treasured art with me. I never had children but I have moments such as these and I do know that I have made a difference.

Two precious people are driving many miles to visit later this afternoon. I shall be SO happy to see them. I am starting to have secrets on my blog, my life is not an open book, nor an open blog.

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