A Sunny Way to Start the Day; Reflections Upon Friendships; A Wise Woman With A Great Raincoat; Hemp Relief Soak Didn’t Work; Headlines; Funny Video From Vancouver

This title is misleading as it is, honest to goodness, raining here in San Francisco. This is not at all fair because I live in Vancouver at the present time where it always rains. I come here, a place known for its good weather, and it rains. Oh well, I did bring a raincoat and waterproof shoes and an umbrella, for good measure. What I was referring to as a sunny way to start the day is my practice of reading my blog and the related stories. It can be an eye-opener. For example, learning that my dissatisfaction with Vancouver was present in August of 2018. I did wonder when it started because, in the beginning, my impressions were favourable. But no wonder, as in the beginning I was being treated like a Queen in the Trump International Hotel. That treatment is often described in the earlier blogs. Things did go bad but in the beginning it was all quite wonderful and I was extremely popular with all of the staff and, at one point, even the owner of the place. Those were the days my friends, we thought they’d never end. But they did, and probably thank goodness for that. I read my blogs and often laugh out loud because I certainly can be funny. But serious as well. A number of people that are mentioned are no longer in my life but I am getting rather philosophical about that. I have changed, circumstances are different and there is a limit on the number of close friends that one, anyone, can sustain. It is scientific. Friendship does take work and dedication, It is not to be taken lightly. 
I have a new friend, a rather precious man who came into my life in about September of 2017. He lives and works in the Bay Area but was there for me at a critical time, actually by happenstance. He is a great person, two other people in my life know him and are equally smitten by him, they have a professional relationship with him and that is actually how he and I met. We do not see one another all that frequently but when we do he arrives on time, sometimes bearing gifts, sometimes not. We talk of many things. He is in his thirties, very ambitious. We laughingly debate about who is the most driven. I laugh as I write. Thinking all of this over I would say that it is one of the closest relationships I have ever had as there is such depth of feeling and it is reciprocated.  Very strange, very wonderful. All this and he is handsome too which doesn’t make a lot of difference in the long run but it is pleasing to look at him when talking. The relationship adds to my feeling of well being. This is in direct contrast to my lunch with an old friend the other day which did not go well at all. As a matter of fact he is not considered a friend at this point. But I handled the situation well and I have moved on, actually to my new friend who is more caring and reliable. And more handsome, although that does not make a lot of difference in the long run. I am feeling sanguine at this moment. I just looked it up and it is the perfect word. Sanguine is an adjective (he is sanguine about the remorseless advance of information technology): optimistic, bullish, hopeful, buoyant, positive, disposed to look on the bright side, confident, cheerful, cheery, bright, assured; informal upbeat; archaic of good cheer. ANTONYMS pessimistic, gloomy. So I am disposed to look on the bright side in an upbeat way thinking about my new thriving friendship rather than the failed old one. I do not know how I manage that but somehow I do. 
On the ferry the other day I met a woman and her husband. We were wearing similar raincoats, her husband of thirty-eight years had bought it for her. They were very happy with one another, it was a delight to see. She said something so profound. 
She: One must prefer happiness. 
Me: That is so profound, can I blog it?
She: Of course! 
Me: I will give you a nickname. You can be H.M. That stands for Happily Married. 
She said that her husband had good taste in both raincoats and women. Now that made me laugh as well. She did reveal her true name which is Jane. 
Me: (motioning to her husband) Is that Dick?
She: No, only sometimes. 
Her other motto is:
She: That’s the day to do it. 
Me: Yes, and that describes so much, stop perseverating and get down to business! 
Ok,  this will be a two word blog with the verb perseverate now being defined. Repeat or prolong an action, thought, or utterance after the stimulus that prompted it has ceased: they perseverate under stress. In ordinary language some people are worry warts and worrying never gets anyone anyplace. The make mountains out of mole heads (or something like that). 
While at the Ferry Building I went to a store and got Hemp CBD Relief Soak and I used it. It did not work – not like Adam’s Magic Potent which continues to work like a charm. Thank you Adam, although sometimes I do admit to getting mad at him. Sometimes he deserves it, but very, very rarely. He is most gracious when confronted.
He: Understood 
Me: Thanks 
This relationship is not running a smooth course, that is for sure. But there is no use in perseverating. I said to another man about another man. 
Me; I dumped the suitor. Easy come, easy go. 
He; Too bad, but the show must go on. 
Now that is funny and that is why he and I get along so well. The ‘show must go on’ man and I did have a fight but he was most gracious and we got over it and our relationship deepened. No one is perfect and there are bound to be hiccups but it is most harmful to ignore and deny the hiccups. My poor friend Jennifer said that she could not keep the men in my life straight but it was fun trying. Now that is funny as well. But honest to goodness, they are friends not lovers, but it still is not a very smooth course. 
This had to be a slow news day for The San Francisco Chronicle because one of the front page headlines readers as follows; Monarch Butterflies’ Drop Stuns Scientists. Now I am just as concerned about butterflies as the next guy but is that really headline material? A back section announces: Still Too Many Guns, Shootings in Oakland. That, to me, is front page stuff not the stupidity of the butterfly scientists. It is so nice to have a blog it is a vehicle for my outspoken opinions and there are no repercussions. If people do not like what is said they do not have to read it and “Quite Frankly Scarlett I Don’t Give a Damn.”  
My Vancouver friend keeps sending the most marvellous emails with insane videos. We are planning on going to VSO on February 1, 2019. She thanked me for my honesty, not sure what about actually. 
Me; My dearest! Honesty comes naturally and unbidden. Often not s good thing. Hahahaha! 
She: No response as yet. 
Hopefully the funny video will be attached. I cannot believe how much they make me laugh.  

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