Another Weird Day in the Life of Alexis McBride; Absolutely Loving This Westgate Hotel; Sass Wins A Magic and Early Trip to NY Sotheby’s; A Link Showing Vancouver’s Corruption

I am sitting down in the lobby of MY hotel, the Westgate in NYC. I absolutely love this hotel and those that dwell herein, well the staff anyway. Some of the clientele are rather rude and they are rude to the staff. I stood up for a staff member the other day when a man was being so rude because the poor woman could not find the room of this guy’s son.

Me; You should not be rude to her! She is not the cause of your problem. She cannot find the person’s room because you cannot even given her a consistent last name. You have changed both it and the spelling two times.

He; Speechless, absolutely speechless.

The wife sat by, utterly docile. Perhaps docile shall be the word of day. Docile is an adjective, Its synonyms: Alex was of a docile nature and readily deferred to his parents: compliant, obedient, pliant, dutiful, willing, passive, submissive, deferential, tame, meek, mild, lamblike, unassertive, unresisting, yielding, cooperative, amenable, accommodating, biddable, persuadable, ductile, manageable, controllable, tractable, malleable, manipulable, easily manipulated, easily handled, like putty in one’s hands; ANTONYMS disobedient; wilful.

Now if that wife, that woman, were not so passive, so submissive, so deferential, so lamblike the husband would be minding his manners and not be insulting a wonderful staff member at the Westgate Hotel. What proof do I have of this? Well this proof – after I told the man to straighten up, I calmly walked off but this is what happened later.

Staff person: Do you know what? The man apologized to me for his rudeness before he left.

Me; Wow! I am impressed. It goes to show the power of sass.

This blog is full of sass. Go into the search engine and type in sass and you will see what I mean. This world needs fewer pliant, dutiful, accommodating, tractable women and more sassy, wilful and disobedient ones. I am a role model for sassy, it is dirty work but somebody has to do it. Hahahaha.

I am having a wonderful time down here in the lobby. Iso is waiting on me, pouring coffee, toasting a bagel, bringing me water. She is wonderful, she works at the snack bar five days a week. We like each other a lot. We laugh, we joke, we carry on. The television is on and I see Kevin Spacey, who got himself into a mess of trouble all over again. I was in love with Kevin Spacey when I was living in London and he was heading up the Old Vic, but brother did that guy fall from grace. The poor man, if only we met and I sassed him then he might not be in all this trouble.

There are pilots staying at this hotel.

Me; Good bye! Fly carefully and do not get in an accident.

He: Laughter.

So, to say the very least, I am livening this place up. Iso and I have decided that I should just move in. I absolutely LOVE NYC and this place is perfectly situated. A short walk to the UN, Grand Central Station, the Chrysler Building and Times Square. I know all of this because a wonderful door man took me outside and pointed all of this out. This is what happened the other day. I got a free breakfast, a great big juicy buffet because they said that the food would just go to waste. Now I resided at the Trump international hotel and Tower in Vancouver for four months and they had a breakfast buffet. Was I treated to a free breakfast? The answer is NO. That is one of the reasons I love NYC and hate Vancouver. One of the many reasons.

My marvellous friend Tracey who currently resides in New Zealand sent me an amazing link, she is that kind of a friend. A wonderful, considerate friend. The link is to a Globe and Mail article about money laundering in that fair city, the money laundering capital of the world, Vancouver. Do read it, what did happen to the Crown’s case against these money laundering crooks? It does make one wonder. Well, not Vancouver residents, the vast majority do not worry or wonder about anything or anybody. It is rather fascinating to hear from at least three men who live in Vancouver. Now that I am safely in NYC they are reaching out, texting me and emailing me. Go figure! I cannot, but I just merrily text and email back, altogether safe in the knowledge that they will disappear from view when I return, kicking and screaming to Vancouver.

I had the most incredible day yesterday. I had an appointment at the New York campus of Sotheby’s Institute of Art. I knew it was for Monday and I knew its location but lost the thread about the time of the meeting. Thinking it was either at 10 or 11 I made my way there at 10. Well the appointment was actually at 2:30 but the wonderful woman met with me at 11. I was so totally impressed with the place and those that dwelt therein. I was made to feel so welcome, coffee, tea and pastries. I did an Instagram post in front of work of art telling the world of my goof and that it is far better to early than late. Afterwards it was off to The National for lunch. I hate a rare hamburger which one cannot obtain in Vancouver. Food police prevent a rare ;hamburger but money laundering, no mufflers ordinance enforcement, no enforcement of building and planning codes, no affordable housing. All they have to show for themselves is over cooked hamburgers. Hahahahaha. There was an empty table alongside me and I asked the general manager if I could have a handsome man sit next to me. Instead there was Lisa but she and I had the best time and I am going to find the dress I wore at my third marriage. Her daughter, who is beautiful, is getting married soon and the dress would be perfect. I think it is in storage in Marin County. I have SO much fun. There was a big important business meeting going on across the crowded room, the star of the show arrived at the restaurant.

Me: You must be an important man. All of those other men stood up when you walked in the room.

He: Speechless.

Well it ended up that he was the Head of the Bank of France, and he was rather cute and age appropriate. But he does not know how to get in touch with me. Too bad, so sad.

Remember that saying, How are you going to keep them back on the farm after they have seen Paree. That is how I am feeling at the present time. But I shall be fine as SF will have its delights and soon to London.

The photographs will be of my rare hamburger and some of the incredible Art Deco architecture in the building where Sotheby’s is located.

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