Too Happy To Blog Here in New York at the Westgate; Ripping Off a Toe Nail; Two Very Long Conversations with Two Guys on instagram; Going to Tudor City with my Toe

Usually blogging is easy, it comes naturally. My day seems incomplete if I do not blog, it gets me started. I am often anxious until I blog. It for me was a necessity. But something has happened and I find myself being too happy to blog. I just want to cavort about, talk to the marvellous staff at this hotel, Instagram with new and old friends. None of this solitary blogging, writing this is taking an enormous effort and I want to get on with my life. “This is a mess,” she said laughingly. I suppose that cavort will be the word of the day. Cavort is a verb with the following meaning. jump or dance around excitedly: the players cavorted about the pitch. informal engage enthusiastically in sexual or disreputable pursuits: he’d been cavorting with a hooker. My goodness what a word, that cavort. Do let us look at synonyms of cavort.Two of his companions linked arms and cavorted around him: skip, dance, romp, jig, caper, cut capers, frisk, gambol, prance, frolic, play, lark; bounce, trip, leap, jump, bound, spring, hop, bob; dated sport. So I want to frolic, play and frisk with my instagram people and the staff here at the Westgate. I do not want to blog. But blog I must, I suppose.

I look back at my tenure in Vancouver and suddenly realize what it was all about. I have already shared this insight with one of the Westgate staff. First there was this sudden realization. The blog was only two months old when I arrived in Vancouver so Vancouver has been the scene of the blog’s success. Looking back it is clear that I was miserable in Vancouver, hiding it from myself and others. My misery knew no bounds because even if it looked like things were fine, even at times great, they would go sour. The apartment, certain restaurants, the Trump International Hotel and Tower, the Equinox and most recently, the YWCA. But I am out of there -well in my mind. There will be tasks to perform, giving the thirty day notice for my apartment, shipping some of my possessions to the storage facility in Marin County, packing the essentials for the arduous journey across the sea. But it is doable. As my wonderful friends have pointed out;

They; Alexis, you did it before. You packed everything up and moved to London in 2014.

Me: You are right., I forgot about that! Hahahahaha

The differences between Vancouver and NYC are striking. There is SO much positive energy in NYC, the people here seem glad to be alive, they are not zombies. Everyone makes me feel welcome, like I am a Queen. We laugh and joke and carry on. My trips outside the hotel have been limited because, honest to God, I accidentally ripped the nail off the big toe of my right foot. I was in the middle of texting a wonderful man who lives near San Francisco.

Me: I just ripped off my toe nail!!! Honest. Big toe on left foot.

He: OMG why. That’s not sexy lol. That is pain.

Me: They are so wonderful at this hotel. They laughed at me when I was texting you when I was in such pain but it made the pain go away.

He: Oh babe

Me: I will send you a picture if I can figure it out.

He: lol

Then I sent the picture with my foot in the air above my head as it hurt less when my foot was above my head.

He: Girl. What the hell. Why? Lol be easy girl.

Me: I wish you were here to kiss it better.

He: Me too.

Me: Thanks. I will pretend.

We signed off because he needed to be with his daughters, but he sent a later message.

He: Thanks baby feel better with your toe.

Is this not a sweet man? Needless to say he is not from Vancouver or England, for that matter. They would be out of range, or asleep, or tired, or in China, or too busy to care. I am lucky, I got what I needed, when I needed it. He is on a different time zone but sent me photos and lovely messages this morning when I woke up. I met him on a prior visit to San Francisco and he has been following me on Instagram. That is my story and I am sticking to it. It is also the truth. We are making plans to see one another when I visit San Francisco.

But this is profoundly weird. I took a picture out of my hotel window, it is attached to this blog. Another man Instagrammed.

He: Tudor City?

Me: I do not know. I will ask at the Front Desk and let you know.

Me: Yes it is Tudor City! You are so smart!

He; Fabulous neighbourhood. The two little parks are gems in Manhattan.

He: I cannot believe you left Vancouver for the rain. It’s not raining here at the moment for once. They are Tudor City Greens, located at either side of 42 Street on Tudor City Place. Worth a stroll when the sun comes out.

Then we had a longer conversation wherein he mentioned doing something on instagram which is beyond me.

Me: You should teach me when I come back to soggy Vancouver.

He: Yes!

He: I love New York! Miss it so much but I am back so often I cannot complain. Enjoy and don’t forget to eat! Fabulous restaurants!

Me: Right now I am going to eat in room because of toe. Down to get information on choices. Hahahaha. I am in pain. Ouch! Swelling but I have figured out a solution.

He; I hope it feels better soon. So many restaurants.

He then gave me a restaurant solution that was approved by a wonderful man who is the proprietor of a store around the corner. I will go for dim sum when my foot feels better. What a drag this is. I can probably navigate to Tudor City as the swelling has gone down a little. I have never met the second instagram man even though he apparently lives in Vancouver.

This hotel has the most interesting photographs of old New York. I took a photo of one of the photographs and it graces this blog.

As you can tell my life is weird but wonderfully weird. Everything I said was true and not even exaggerated. As a matter of fact some things were left out. Hahahaha

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