One or Two or Three Responses to my Plea for Connection; DDD to the Rescue; A Mug; My Beautiful Art 

I considered it an interesting experiment – who would respond to the plea for connection found in the  October 1, 2918 blog? Well, there is something to be said for quality and not quantity. Here is an absolutely quality response received from one man.
He:  I have to admire the energy that you show in your blog. Erudite and engaged and feisty. I suspect that to be with you all the time may be a little wearing, which is probably why you went through 3 men ( in a formal sense) . But, never the less.
Me:  I was not energetic erudite, engaged and feisty when I was married to those three husbands, particularly #3. I had to dump them all to get a decent personality..
Another reader  has been away for about a week, or so. Wonder Alice wrote of her life, “plodding along as usual “but said she was planing a trip to Peru and Mexico in July. I suggested that I might join her in Mexico. Then I would get to see her again without me going all the way to Australia.
Tracey as usual was great. Hers email was: Wonderful blog Alexis’
She: “youth does not pass with”,awwee thats a sweet girl you met. Great observations as per usual too about people and audiences.xo
Me: You are absolutely great! Sometimes I think I do not deserve you – but I do. Hahahahaha
After reading the responses, It was off to water aerobics at the YWCA. I am going to a more strenuous class later in the day rather than Aerobics Light in the morning – it is a better fit as mornings are better spent writing. I simply love water aerobics as it is not like exercise at all – there is great music and it is just like being a little kid and playing in the water.  It is the exercise of choice for a woman my age, says my doctor. It is most therapeutic for me as I have water phobia. All in all I am overcoming many things – I can pet big dogs, stand on my balcony (despite the fear of heights) and now play in the water with gay abandon.
Yesterday was the surprise of a lifetime. Wonderful DDD arrived on time to help me transport the broken art to VAG and bring home my wonderful new painting. I cannot thoroughly believe that DDD lives in Vancouver – he makes commitments for lunch, arrives on time, brings something and hangs out for ages talking. So he arrived on time to voluntarily help with this errand but in a car – a bloody Mercedes no less. He is so unassuming – it was a shock. But it was so funny because of one way streets and parking and all of that we should have just walked. There are no left turns off West Georgia and so we had to drive by the dreaded Trump. I waved from the Mercedes, it did seem rather triumphant. Now I do know about Mercedes and, as a matter of fact, that was my last California car before leaving for London. But somehow this was different. Getting in the car I spoke:
Me: This is a Mercedes!
He: Yes, I know Alexis. I need to look the part.
Me: That is a good idea.
The poor man. The photo shows the painting hanging on the wall and a funny mug at the Made in Canada market at Robson Square held last Saturday.

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