The Book is Going Back to the Library so Swearing is the Topic of Conversation in This Blog

I travel to the magnificent Vancouver Public Library to borrow books constantly because I am interested in all sorts of topics and definitely want to learn more about them and everything. Curiosity is a strength as it keeps one interested in life and the world around them. If only Trump was a little curious instead of just being a curiosity. However, I learned during my last visit that the book: SWEARING IS G*OD F*R YOU by Emma Byrne has a hold, therefore, must be returned, rather than renewed. So, therefore, it must be the topic of today’s blog. 
I swear, and to be honest, I pride myself on my swearing. I attempt to refrain on this blog as it does not seem proper but in real life, I make up for my constraint. I have sworn most of my life – not having children meant that it was not important to be an example. When a Granny, there was a noticeable improvement and swear words barely crossed my lips. But given the freedom of London – there was a definite return. I do love it at the moment when prissy women are offended by swearing. Their negativity has a far more devastating effect on humanity and IT should be outlawed. I often quote the scientific fact that women who swear are: 1)more intelligent 2) have larger vocabularies AND last, but not least, 3) have greater gym stamina. The multibillionaire was on a campaign to have me stop swearing and I was being compliant. It was foolish, the break up of that relationship enabled the words to come tumbling out of the mouth and need I remind you – I have fantastic gym stamina. 
Bryne swears that research shows that swearing can help build teams in the work place and is a way of fitting in at work. Swearing probably made me a better lawyer as it made me one of the ‘boys’ and men were more comfortable with me as a result. “From the factory floor to the operating theatre, scientists have shown that teams who share a vulgar lexicon tend to work more effectively together, feel closer and more productive than those that don’t. Those same studies show that managing stress in the same way we manage pain – with a fucking good swear – is more effective than any number of team building exercises. “(pg.2) “Swearing has also helped to develop the field of neuroscience.” (Pg.2) “Swearing also makes the heart beat faster and primes us to think aggressive thoughts while paradoxically, making us less likely to be physically violent” (pg, 2) Byrne summarizes her stance: “I’m evangelical in my defense of swearing, not just on the grounds of freedom of expression, but because swearing is beneficial to us both as individuals and as a species.” (pg. 20)  The Financial Times said it best: “An impressive catalogue of research showing how effing and blinding helps us deal with pain, bond with others is associated with intelligence, and makes us more inclined to trust one another..A glorious, uplifting read.” 
Paradoxical is the word of the day: adjective: seemingly absurd or self-contradictory: by glorifying the acts of violence they achieve the paradoxical effect of making them trivial. 
Paradox is a word that will play in a the blogs to come. 
The photograph is an amusing card from my favorite store on Robson Street, the store that  framed two precious pictures, which you will also soon see. It is rather racy but terribly funny, and perhaps true. 

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