A Message from Instagram; Wondrous Moments in My Life of Late Involving South Korean Girls and Young Men from Germany; So Many Men, So Little Time

This was placed on Instagram by a woman I’ve not met. “Recognize when a phase, job, a life state, or a relationship is over and let it go. Allow yourself to gracefully exit situations you have outgrown. Moving on doesn’t have to be a catastrophic dramatic event. You can simply chose to move forward with peace and clarity. That is so meaningful to me because I am in the midst of letting go and moving on, actually in many a relationship. I commented:

Me: So profoundly true and take the good from the failed relationship with you

She: An excellent addition, absolutely.

So i do try to move on with peace and clarity but, loath to admit, I do tend to turn things into a catastrophic dramatic event. But even if that is how it ended, I attempt to focus on the good from the failed relationship. Getting better at the later – witness the obituary written on the blog honoring the life of Paul Skvaril, husband number 3. A sweet young man volunteered to be Number 4 yesterday at Glowbal Restaurant – he is a bit young, a mere 24 to my 75,. As one wise young woman said to me: “Go for it, you only live once. “ Perhaps she should marry him, she is more age appropriate. The ‘going for it’ involved a man in his forties who I considered marrying but did not go for it and severed the relationship. I did it on the blog, but it was done with clarity and peace.

Yesterday, facing hunger, a decision about lunch had to be made as to where I would go.

Me: I will go to the restaurant that loves me most at this present moment.

Alter Ego: Well, that would be Glowbal. Although two others are in the running.

Me: OK the Glowbal it will be, it is fnot ar away, it is not raining at the moment and So there!

Why do I think am treasured there? Well, a man, the partner of J.O. (what this stands for will never be revealed) put his arms around me, and said:

He: I will be there for you, I will look after you!

Me: (speechless for once)

This followed a conversation between the two of us that lasted about an hour, in a public place visible to all but private. We spoke of many things – of cabbages and kings. “The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things. Of shoes—and ships and sealing-sax. Of cabbages—and kings—And why the sea is boiling hot—And whether prigs have wings. (Lewis Carroll)

But do I want that? Do I want someone to look after me? I fear not. No one has been there for me —I doubt that I would be able to trust. I have been too long at the fair.

I woke on Saturday morning in a funk, wrote to a couple of people dear to me who were sympathetic and one confessed to a similar feeling — the weather was very grey and bleak. But facing the day was a necessity as a book was hold at VPL, definitely did not want to let it go. Striding into the library I was approached by a shy young woman who said she was from South Korea – her mission (dictated by her group)was to have a conversation with someone who spoke English.

Me: Of course I will. I only speak English and I so admire your efforts to learn another language.

She: What is your favorite place in Vancouver.

Me” (laughing) Actually this library. Its architecture, all of the books, the people that work here and it is very efficiently run.

She: Anywhere else?

Me: Yes! the Orpheum Theatre which is close to where I live and is the home of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. I attended two concerts this last week and they both were so meaningful and beautiful.

Ahe: Anywhere else?

Me: Well, the YWCA on Hornby Street. I go to water aerobics in the pool and it is a great facility.

She: Where do you like to eat? What is your favorite restaurant.

Me: Well they change but at the moment it is Glowbal and Hy’s.

I was aware of the presence of another young girl with her phone. The conversation ended and a wonderful woman came and spoke to me, thanking me. She took our picture as somehow I had left my phone at home. She emailed the precious picture that is attached to this blog. I left to collect the book, on my way out I ran into the three of them again. It was very touching, they showed me the video, taken by the bystander, of me blabbing away. The girl I spoke with called me pretty, (I am actually weeping as I write, not sure why.) Unlike most Vancouverites the South Korean woman did mail the picture to my email It was dutifully posted on Instagram. At the last minute, as I left, I hugged my conversation companion and gave all a blow kiss. My Instagram announced: “It was memorable” it was.

Then lunch at Globwal, then a stop at Dunn’s. It was such a busy day for them with Paint Night and later, with a symphony performance, many dinner guests had made reservations. I announced to MMC:

Me: On a busy day like this i should come in and help out waiting tables.

MMC: Well, you do know the menu!

Me: OMG you made me laugh. I do, because I always eat here.

On the way to my apartment I spoke to three young men sitting at a bus stop, drinking bear.

Me: You guys look like you are having such a good time. That is a rare sight here in Vancouver.

Further conversation revealed they were from Germany (and Finland). We laughed and talked and laughed and talked. I told them of my experiences in Germany, of my blog and being on Instagram. My habit of giving everyone a nickname was discussed – they each got one. One young man looked very German with the blonde hair and that Aryan look. His nickname is German School Boy Gone Bad. (GSBGB). The other young man did not look particularly German with dark hair. I said he sort of looked like a Fat Hitler, so that is his nickname. They howled in delight, saying they were going to get T-shirts with their nicknames emblazoned upon them. But that left the man in the middle who actually was from Finland (been there too). He is FFLG which stands for Fabulous Finnish Life Guard.

He: But I am not fabulous

Me: What about Almost Famous Finnish Life Guard

He: No, too long.

Me: OK – then you shall be Fatuous Finnish Life Guard.

They left to go back to the hostel and meet friends, i turned the corner and went home to watch the Neil Diamond concert on PBS, the final episode of Silent Witness and Luther.

I admit to being in love with Luther, he reminds me of someone I once knew. Well I guess know as he is alive most probably, living in London. The series takes place in London – a major character is a woman called Alice. She and I do not look alike but have a smilier effect – she drives Luther crazy. I may have done the same thing but he, the Luther Look Alike, is safe as I am here in Canada.

Ensuing blogs will discuss Maestro Otto Tausk and the 100th Symphony Opener. I think I am in love with Otto Tausk as well. So Many Men, So Little Time. Put that into the search engine.

I soon leave for Suki’s – my Vicky will cut my hair. I cannot wait.

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