The Last Day of a Great Trip; Look At Me in the Photo Gallery; Another Homeless Creep; United AirLines Soon to be in Trouble; Apologies to Louis XIV

CPI, when hearing of my antics in the USA, said:

She: You obviously have a gift for organizing trips to go well.

Me: Thank you for the compliment, I guess I do have a gift but sometimes things just happen.

That would definitely describe my last day in Marin. It was up and off to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned where I was given the opportunity to have nitrous oxide. I jumped at the chance and for a mere $95.00 (US) enjoyed a totally painless procedure. It was Instagrammed, the mask over my nose blabbing away. My tested and true dentist practices with his handsome young son who viewed the Instagram which may have positive potential business consequences.

Me: I would do anything for you Gray

He: I would do anything dental for you Alexis

Me: That is SO funny. Can I blog it.

He: Of course.

Then it was off to Macy’s, crossing the busy streets with pesky pedestrian walk buttons with would not work for me but did for a young man.

Me: How come it worked for you and not me. It must be because I am being discriminated against because I am a woman

He: Yes, these are sexist buttons.

Me; I am going to blog that.

Then to a wonderful section in Macy’s where there are massive reductions. A wonderful young man gave me a card that you scratched and got a credit. I scratched, got a $5 credit and purchased a fantastic bright yellow purse for a mere $15 (American). I can use it to carry my bathing suit when I go to the Y (and I did yesterday).

Then to BJ’s for my last lunch, which was a rare hamburger. I love rare hamburgers but you cannot get them there in Canada. Miracles occurred there which were unplanned. I ordered a Dark Horse cab but they had run out of it so the sommelier comped me for the substitute wine. Was not that absolutely darling?!?! It would never happen in Vancouver with all the greed and all. I spoke to LaVerne at an adjacent table – she was lunching with her son. She is ninety years old and very spry. We are planning to have lunch when I return in November.

Me: I need a role model. I do not know any positive and inspiring 90 year olds and I am going to live forever, according to my doctor

She: I do not want to live forever.

Me: I don’t either.

Then an incredible thing happened. A man and his wife walked by:

Me: Randy. Hi! Its me, Alexis McBride. Do you remember me?

He: Of course I do.

I went over to their table later. He was a Judge in the Marin County Superior Courts and I had appeared before him on many occasions. I told him about my recent antics, that I had gone to Canada and got 82 Welcome Backs on Canada Day however, I was planning to return to the Bay Area. He shook my hand and said:

He: Welcome back, Alexis

Me: Oh my goodness I am going to cry. What a perfect thing to say.

I had minutes before received a text from someone who I had not heard from in awhile and I was very excited. I told the two about him, saying that he was definitely too young for me.

She: Age does not matter to the soul.

Me: Oh my goodness. He called me his soul mate. Holy cow!

Then back to Great Western Corte Madera Inn where the courtesy van took me to the Marin Airporter. The bus was driven by a fascinating black woman who travelled to Egypt on more than one occasion because she found the antiquities and long history mysterious and wanted to learn everything she could.

I arrived at the airport early, ate at Yankee Pier and when the time came climbed on the plane, seated in i a middle seat. The young man on the right came from Korea, was a Mormon and was planning to attend Brigham Young University in the fall. We had a fascinating discussion about God and religion – so meaningful to the both of us. He said he would follow me on Instagram.

Then something insulting and horrible happened. Phillip, the ‘steward’ insulted me. He is just a misogynist, an insecure man who fears powerful women. But United allows him to act in this manner. Although the vast majority of the staff were supportive and wonderful United did not follow through with their promises and they are definitely going to hear from me – through social media to begin with. There was a previous incident unaddressed by them which occurred in 2015. They were clearly in the wrong., and the statute of limitations has not toiled. I said I would compromise, they have not followed through. So it is going to get a bit negative on this blog.

But I did get home eventually. I woke up in the morning to two wonderful surprises. Chris Jackson, my hero and computer guru emailed:

He: Hi, I have added a photo page to the blog, I thought you have so many great photos of you on the site it would be nice to have a page up where people can view some of them in a collection, i hope thats okay..

Me: You are the most wonderful man in the whole world! I love it! I love it!!

So gentle readers, go to the Menu and then go to Gallery and there I am in all of my glory. It is an absolutely fabulous addition. I emailed news of the addition to people to whom I feel very close to at this moment in time. But I laughed. because with one exception, none of them are pictured with me. I do laugh.

Then another email. A man promising that he will read my blog on the train between Montreal and Ottawa. He is a big deal, he is not going to Ottawa to sweep the floor or hang around and be homeless.

So I am most fortunate, most fortunate and I am thankful. But that lousy Phillip and a homeless man who started yelling at me on the corner of West Georgia and Howe yesterday are in trouble. The homeless man yelled that I was ugly. I yelled back that he was even uglier and called him a f**king creep. Everyone, tens of people, just walked on like sheep. If everyone yelled back at these rude out of control homeless – they would shut up. But I know you Canadians won’t.

Onward with the day, I have already heard from two dear friends and it is only 8 am.

The picture attached was sent by Greg in London. His email was captioned:

He: With apologies to Louis XIV

Me: I am definitely going to blog this.

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