A Chance Encounters of a Wonderful Nature; Romans Can Do It All; A Future President with Me as White House Counsel; Ending with Horses

I leave Marvelous Marin today for Vancouver, after I get my teeth cleaned. So teeth cleaning, go to the airport, pass through security lines and fly back to Vancouver. This is not going to be a great day. But Tracey and I have exchanged our morning emails.

Me: I return later today and looked at the long range weather forecast. It is ever going to be cold and miserable. Lucky you are getting away from it all. Brrrrr. And rain as well. It has not been warm here either but ihas been moderately sunny. Lots to plan and do – a complicated day and I must get with it. With affection, Alexis

She: Enjoy your last morning and afternoon there! Find someone to snuggle?Its really sunny here and will be a bit warm.Have a good flight back its always good to sleep back in your own bed.,xox

Honest to goodness this is what happened. I am walking back to the lobby after breakfast reading Tracey’s message. Sitting in front of the fire is a handsome young man. Guess where he is from? Vancouver, honest to goodness. But no snuggles in sight as he was off to Eureka, which is north but not north enough. We laughed like crazy, I gave him a blog card (of course) His name is Jesse – I gave him a rough time saying the name had bad karma as that is my mother’s first name – he said his was spelled differently so we just might get along. I guess we will see – hahahaha.

The role of laughter in a relationship was explored in a conversation that took place at the Il Fornaio a couple of days ago. I spoke of my theory which has been shared on this blog. It is probably a better idea to laugh with a man rather than have sex with him. Laughter leads to the release of endorphins and it is not possible to get pregnant from laughing.

Me: And you can laugh with men, with women and with children. You can’t have sex with all three.

He: Not unless you are a Roman.

Me: OMG that is so funny. Can a blog that?

He: Yes, of course.

This man and I did speak of other, more substantial topics. He was about to become a grandfather and it was inspiring to listen to his dreams and aspirations. He has determined that this will be the central role of his life. It was so moving! He gets three at once as his daughter is having twins.

But then the next day I met a wonderful young man at the Boca Restaurant. He is eleven and chose his blog nickname, it is Captain P. Sparrow. The Captain and I chatted, then he went off to Microsoft while his pizza was being prepared, leaving his father and I to chat. Then the Captain returned and we resumed our discussion. His father was most supportive of our conversation and it turned out that the Captain is thinking of becoming a lawyer.

He: What do you think about that as an idea?

Me: I think it is an excellent idea.

He: But perhaps also a therapist. I could be both.

Me: A good idea. I am not a therapist but I have had even more therapy than Woody Allen.

The Father: Now that is funny!

Me: I think you will go on to great things Captain. Perhaps even be President.

He: Why don’t you become President?

Me: I can’t

He: Why?

The Father: Just think of what you know about her.

He: (after some pondering) Oh, I know you were born in Canada.

Me: Correct

The Father: But when he is President you could be White House Counsel

Me: Well, I would be a natural with my white hair and all.

So the three of us chatted away. The Captain is the youngest, he has two older brothers and the family travels to exotic places, like London, England (rather than Disneyland, for example). They have not been to Vancouver, so I suggested that they come and visit and perhaps I could get a special rate at the newly opened Exchange Hotel (I have connections). Later the father sent an email providing me with a way of contacting them. Of course I responded to the email.

Me: I loved meeting you and your son. It was an exquisite gift. More to follow. I do think that Captain Sparrow and I can conquer the world. I do not jest! Alexis

Earlier at Boca’s I met an interesting woman who owns an equestrian center near Nicassio. A picture of the sign is posted. Her training program is superb but too far advanced for a novice like me. But I do know someone that could profit from her training – actually two young women.

I posted twice on Instagram as well, different aspects of the day. alexismctwit on Instagram.

So farewell! I shall have clean teeth by the end of the day and be home to my apartment in Yaletown. I have mixed feelings about that.

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