I Have Died and Gone to Heaven; In Touch with Everyone; A Great Plane Ride with Women Pilots; Concur Word of the Day

So this is it – I swear that I have died and gone to heaven. I am staying at the San Anselmo Inn – an absolutely exquisite gem nestled in the heart of San Anselmo. My room is huge with pale yellow walls and art and chintz curtains and wing back chairs. Last night I went to Stefano’s across the street and had the best pizza of my entire life. The patrons of the restaurant were so well mannered and the staff at the restaurant were so courteous and smiling and helpful. There is a thrift store across the street and I made an appointment for a make over at the place next door. So I shall look very glamorous for lunch tomorrow – lunch is with a very handsome young man and believe me, he is paying.

Today I have an appointment with a wise man and then lunch with an old friend. The provider of the marvelous video – Too Many Men, Too Little Time.

I am also in touch with everyone in my life, it seems. Hottie and I have communicated, JRG is also back in communication. He is such a busy man with visits from the Governor General (of Canada), taking delivery of an ice breaker from Sweden and visits from a foreign delegation. But he found time to mail In Contemplation and In Conversation back to me. Unfortunately I will not be there to collect it. Oh well, I will pick it up when I get back.

Even the plane trip was rather miraculous. I flew United NOT Air Canada. The plane was late in boarding and then there was an announcement that was disconcerting. There were continuing problems and it sounded rather like they were going to put a band aid on the wing to make it functional. I politely asked to speak privately with a member of the crew and said that I was having a strange omen and could they arrange for a later flight. You cannot believe how helpful she was but while she was making the arrangements I met the pilots and the mechanic. The pilots were both women – needless to say I was impressed. The mechanic was so friendly and the pilots said he was extremely competent. The wonderful woman was able to find a seat on a later flight but by then I felt extremely safe and went and took my seat – profusely thanking everyone. So everything went extremely well and we landed and my suitcase was on the same plane and I picked it up, caught the Marin Airporter and here I am.

I met the nicest man at a restaurant in the Vancouver Airport. His name was Jason, he lives in Maine and he is engaged to a wonderful woman who is an author – a published author. He is going to email details of her book. She is so pretty – I told him that he did not deserve her – he laughingly concurred. So I guess concur will be the word of the day. Concur be of the same opinion; agree: the authors concurred with the majority | “That’s right,” the chairman concurred | they concurred in the creation of the disciplinary procedures.

But this is a short blog because I am starving and I can go and get a free breakfast here a the Inn. The photograph shows the fence outside the door of the Inn. Soon I shall speak to my dear friend Jennifer, life cannot possibly get any better!

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