An Amazing Encounter at the Contemporary Art Gallery Accompanied by a Possible New Adventure; Trial and Error Continues with Messages from Young Man; Lunch with Tracey; A David Hockney Treasure

So this happened last week, Friday I think. . On the way home I stopped in at the Contemporary Art Gallery – just on a whim and because it is free and it was cooler in there and it was hot outside. They have an amazing new exhibit and I walked into a darkened room to observe a work of art that was created by Jeneen Frei Njooti. . It was, very simply put, a ballerina etched on metal lit with a flood light so that you could see the details. I was not alone, there was another young girl in the room and we started sort of playing by making shadows from the light onto the art. Then we sat on the bench and started talking. She was visiting from Newfoundland but she was born in Taiwan. I told her that I was born in Saskatchewan. So we (mostly me) talked and talked – about the art and talked about life. She said she wrote poetry. I told her about In Conversation and in Contemplation – my book on the Tate Britain mentioned before on this blog. I would like to do a similar book using art from the Levu Collection that was shown at the Vancouver Art Gallery and possibly from the David Milne exhibit presently being show. But I need a poet – I asked someone but she was too lazy to do it. But his person, this wonderful young girl said she would. I emailed her to say I was so happy to meet her, she emailed back, I emailed a photo of an etching, she emailed back saying that she would work on it. Is that not exciting??? Well it is. When I receive the poem and, with her permission, will include it and my prose piece on this blog. I love having a new project and to have some one to share it with – it is icing on the cake AND the decoration as well. Do you imagine how unlikely this all is? Very unlikely and in almost impossible and it does sort of make you believe in God who is sitting around arranging these things for me.

I mentioned the television series Trial and Error in a prior blog but here is an amazing story that goes along with it. Young Man made a prior appearance in this blog on April 13, 2018. I sent Young Man an email with the subject line of Trial and Error.

Me: Hello, OMG – you cannot believe this. I am watching Trial and Error which is apparently a TV series, anyway it is on TV. (mine). I have never in my whole 75 years ever seen a funnier show. But what makes it doubly unbelievable is this. Josh, the attorney looks just (or at least rather) like you and his client is a very strange woman Lsvinia Peck-Foster who bears an uncanny resemblance to me. I am telling you the truth. Trial and Error – look it up. Who would have thought. It is hot here in Vancouver and although the air conditioner is on – it ain’t cooling off enough for me. Alexis (the Lavinia a look and act alike) ,

He: That is a funny show. Should I start calling you Lavinia?! Stay cool!

Me: Yes please. Please call me Lavinia. I am definitely going to blog this – blocking your true identity. Oh I did blog some of the Trial and Error stuff. Just so you know – it is not you that I have the professional relationship with. Hahahaha. Read blog of today – I think it is posted. Sincerely yours, Lavinia.

Young Man is such a sweet man, he lives and toils in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tracey came to lunch yesterday and we had the best time. It was just joyous. I told her she was my new best friend, and she is. A wonderful man in a nearby market gave me such inspiration. He is from Iran and he found all of the ingredients I needed for Persian Chicken Salad. We struck up a friendship and he said that he would cook Persian food for me. All I have to do is find someone to invite over for dinner – knowing me I am sure I will. Tracey brought flowers, she brought cheesecake and she brought the cutest card which is attached to this blog. She said it was a David Hockney production and I do love David Hockney. His exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco was stunning. It was actually better than the David Hockney exhibit at the Tate Britain. The other picture, me in my apron with apartment art in the background was also posted on Instagram with the following caption. Lunch for Tracey at my apartment. The balls are falafel, my apron is from Cordon Bleu in Paris. We had such fun!

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