An Instagram Conversation; A Ridiculous Statement by Eby: It is Not Your Problem; A pregnant Conversation; And More

Wonder Alice and I correspond using more than one means as I live in Vancouver, but she lives in Melbourne, Australia. We do email and we do Instagram. Her Instagram video pictured her new apartment which inspired this message:

Me: I love your house and plan to visit.

She: Hehe Whenever you like.

Me: I think we decided January or February. If I don’t marry some guy in the meantime. (JOKE)

She: Haha Matrimony is always a risk with you!

Me: Shut UP and I mean it!!! I am laughing SO hard.

She: Haha 4th time a charm? Lol joking

Me: I used this conversation in my blog. How funny!! It shall continue. Hahahaha

Me: You are Wonder Alice, of course.

She does, I fear, have a point. This is August and goodness knows what will happen in the next four months. But I have always wanted to go to Australia and have not been there as yet. I absolutely LOVED Bill Bryson’s thick tome on Australia and promised myself that I would retrace his steps, a least in part. His book is funny, informative, playful and fascinating. Number four can wait. Wonder Alice and I speak of her graduation and where we might meet up. It should be Canada, for reasons heard on a CBC Ideas broadcast. Stay turned for that one. But there is the United States and interestingly, Mexico. More later.

But this place is not looking real good, this Vancouver, this British Columbia, this Canada. Sorting through newspapers yesterday I came upon a Vancouver Sun dated June 4, 2018 and on page A-8.there was an article discussing the charming B.C realtor Omid Mashinchi, the money laundering guy who was arrested because he ventured into the USA. (see blog of July . . Well the Vancouver Sun apparently spoke with B.C. Attorney General David Eby. I quote from the article: ”But the charges against Mashinchi suggest dirty cash could also be infusing property leasing and high end rentals. This is the first time that I heard that leasing may be used to rent to people involved in organized crime to conceal transactions or be involved with money laundering.” Eby said Friday. It is another example of why the province has a responsibility to look very carefully at what’s happening in real estate.” Mashinchi faces no criminal charges in B.C. nor has any record here.”

You MUST be kidding Mr. Eby – this the first time you ever heard of it – you the Attorney General?!?!. My goodness I have heard of it and I was born in Saskatchewan (JOKE) and I moved back to Canada a little over a year ago. To be clear, I have no insider information, my knowledge comes from public documents and research – accessible to all, even the Attorney General’s office. I am appalled, I cannot believe it. I am disgusted. And then to make matters worse, the Sun makes no comment and does not research anything – does not do any inquiries I have seen articles written by the Globe and Mail on other matters and they do some digging, they get to the bottom of things. But not the Sun. It just struck me at this second – Vancouver, the city that rarely gets sun has a newspaper called the Sun. Now that is funny. Hottie would sagely say that this Attorney General stuff s not my problem and caution me not to be upset. But, gentle reader, I am not seeing Hottie – I quit the gym.

But back to being humorous. I admit that I have turned into a TV addict. (more on that subject to follow). I started to watch a series callee Trial and Error and almost died laughing. The hero is a lawyer called Josh who is defending this extremely funny, very rich, crazy woman. The District Attorney on the case and Josh have (and do) get it on and as a matter of face, she is pregnant. It is the funniest show I have ever seen my whole life. The District Attorney talks into the camera saying:

She: We are going to have a strictly professional relationship (with occasional intercourse).

Now there is this man in my life with whom I have a professional relationship and I am going to be seeing him sometime during the month of August. i absolutely cannot wait to say in all seriousness to him:

Me: We are going to continue to have a strictly professional relationship ( with occasional intercourse(.

He: (Faints dead away)

The only problem? He just might read the blog and I have blown my cover. But perhaps not. The guy is single so it will not be a crime against nature or anything. .

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