Thoughts on Not Going to the Gym; What I am Doing Instead; Slavery and the Self Satisfaction of Canadians; Empire Building; An Email to a Great Guy

It is now Monday morning and in the ordinary course of events I would be rushing off to the Equinox to meet up with Sir Richard to exercise and laugh. But not this morning because I am a gym drop out. I do hate to admit this but I am experiencing something akin to sheer bliss.

In my customary fashion I awoke about five, at that time read my emails, replying to Insomniac Lynne, my high school friend who sends emails in the middle of the night. Then I read my blog and its related stories so thoughtfully posted by Chris Jackson, my buddy, my pal, my computer guru. Under normal conditions I would Instagram and then perhaps write the blog of the morning, then get dressed and get going. But since I was going nowhere and doing nothing I decided to go back to sleep. I did – it was wonderful and it gave the impression that I am retired – which, of course, I am. Then i had mashed potatoes and gravy for breakfast and looked at Instagram. Then I called my financial advisor who is a candidate for Cabana Boy to tell him the results of the competition, but mostly just to cheer him up. I am asking those close to me who I should choose, including pictures of both candidates. One chose: .

She: All this and financial advice too?!?!

Me: You are so funny!!! Yeah, I hit the jack pot. Honest! He cannot personally train me but I could hire someone for that. Hahaha Alexis

Now, of course, all of this is a joke. Or is it? Stay tuned. This man says he will supply the fan, no such offer from Sir Richard. He will even relocate. But he does not have a British accent.

This is a slight deviation. Last night I watched a program called Empire Builders on PBS. It was a fascinating, tact filled program about England/Great Britain – whatever you want to call the mother country. It spoke of Mom’s horrible history – millions of slaves and the horrible treatment of indigenous people which allowed the accumulation of massive wealth and influence. But then the mother country was stretched for money and they had to let their people go – by the 1970’s it was all gone. I sent a thoughtful email to a man in London. The subject line: Thought of You.


There was an incredible program on television last night called Empire Builders and it traced the antics of so called Great Britain in the slave trade, particularly your country, Jamaica. It was so awful – there was a prototype of a ship showing how packed in the people were, not an inch to spare. I remembered coming to talk to you after I went to a lecture at the British Library showing that Canada had slavery and I was horrified because I had not been told that in school. Then you told me so much about slavery because you know everything – it seems to me. How appalling. I hate self-satisfied British people but Canadians are also very self satisfied. This country, the one of my birth, is starting to bug me. (Private stuff but then ending with this sentence) I have a tendency to overwhelm men and it is best to hold back. Hahahaha Your Alix

What will I get back from him? Either nothing or an emoji. Men can be so irritating at times.

But it is sad and true. Canada has a history of slavery but rather than teach that or even talk about it Canadians focus on The Underground Railway: The Road to Freedom. I am not denying that the underground railway existed – it is just part of a greater story.

I shall elaborate further on the self satisfaction of Canadians. I do not recall the aura of self satisfaction when I left this fair land in 1967. I do not think it existed back then but it certainly does now. It comes from comparing themselves to the USA and there are certainly grounds for pride in comparison with that country. But instead Canadians should be comparing themselves to Norway or other Scandinavian countries whose resources are not equal to those in Canada and who provide so admirably and well for its citizens. I traveled to Norway about ten years ago and the opportunities it provides for schooling, welfare systems, support of families, is phenomenal. The country provides a ‘gap year’ after graduation from high school. Graduates are encouraged to pursue a hobby – music, art, photography, their choice. Tuition is paid by the government. At the conclusion of that year – then it is time to pursue their profession. How extremely civilized, how humane, how compassionate! Does this take place in Canada. NO. Self-satisfied Canadians will say it does not take place in the United States withe. and truly it does not. But does that excuse you. NO.

What am I going to do about it? Well I am not going to run for prime minister even though encouraged to do so. I am 75 years old and I have not lived in this country for 50 years. But at least I am bringing it to someone’s attention rather than sitting on my rear end and feeling self-satisfied and complacent. So there! So there! So there!

To end on a serious note. I think I have been trying to be something I am not. It is good to be fit and do what is necessary to be mobile. But I am not a gym rat, and I actually do not like them. I tried really hard and did achieve mightily but I do wonder if my time would have been better spent doing something else. Both time and money because, goodness knows, it was not cheap. When i received a copy of my billing I did text Hottie telling him that I must own him. not just a down payment but ownership. I asked that he provide a deed of trust. He did not. I am thinking of returning to my former ways. Water aerobics and long walks listening to intellectual pod casts.

The attachments are thoughtfully provided by David to cheer you up.

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