Why Alexis McBride Gave a Thirty Day Notice to Quit the Equinox Gym; A Blast from the Past from Drew; A Sweet Text

So everyone is asking why I quit the gym.

They: Why did you quit the gym?

Me: Many reasons. I will enumerate them on the blog.

Initially let me say this. When looking for causation people look for one why, one reason something did or did not happen. That is faulty reasoning. There is often many reasons, some are linked and some are random. Some are primary, some are secondary. Some matter, some do not matter. Some come and some go.

First of all let me say this. I have been thinking about and talking to Sir Richard about leaving the gym for over a month. Conditions were different back then – remember everyone I was going to get married and go live in Belgium about five weeks ago. That did change – now I am not and can not even believe that I was considering such a rash move. So the marriage thing fell though, my year long contract expired and I went on a month to month basis buying a package of Hottie. It seemed like smooth sailing and then there were a series of events which caused me to rationally decide that termination was the best idea. Some were in place prior to the decision. So the reasons will be listed in no particular order.

1 If I no longer belong to the Equinox it will not be necessary for me to walk along West Georgia Street between Thurlow and Butte. This will be a relief because I have not thoroughly recovered from the harm that was inflicted upon me by the Trump International Hotel. I ignore the building but it is often difficult.

2 I need uninterrupted time to finish the biography of Uncle Dave. I work best when I have a pajama day, in other words, with no set appointments. Then I wake up and write, take breaks and then go back to it. Gym appointments are scheduled and take hours, walking there and back and talking to everyone.

3 I seem to be a person who needs a mecca. Just one, not two or three. The Vancouver Public Library is a good mecca for w woman who is writing a book – not a gym.

4 Although I am fond of the staff at the Equinox I do not have anything in common with the vast majority of women who work out at the gym They are preoccupied, vain, rushed and not awfully friendly. There are, of course, exceptions.

5 I do not use the facilities of the gym as I do not go to classes, nor do I shower there. I wear my gym clothes and breeze in and out, Moreover, Sir Richard and I often train outside, not inside. It is a practice I carried with me from London where I trained with Brian. I was most fond of him – as I am most fond of Sir Richard.

6 I was treated very rudely by one staff member and there appears to be no repercussions. Today Boss Lady and I had a wonderful discussion and she was so incredibly helpful. I can reactivate my membership within 90 days and that seems to be the best solution. I have counted the days and put them on my calendar.So here is the plan. I complete the book in eighty days (thank you Boss Lady) and then I rush in and reactivate and then I live happily ever after or for quite some time.

7 The Equinox was originally Joo Kim Tiah’s gym. Then he went away and I took it over – some jokingly said it was to be renamed Alexis’ Equinox. He is possibly back – I can give him his gym back, at least for ninety days. Then he won’t be nervous about running into me and I won’t be nervous about running into him. I am almost thoroughly healed and should be in fine shape in ninety more days.

8 All I have to do in these ninety days is maintain my fitness – then when i return I can set new goals for myself.

9 I am sure that everyone needs a break from me, particularly poor Richard of Hot. As every man in my life can attest: I am a handful. Brother, what the poor man has had to put up with. He should get an award from the Queen of England. We do laugh a lot but I have had some difficult times and there are always those pesky post traumatic stress attacks. .

10 I have had some problems with the billing system – going forward they have been worked out with the able assistance of Chloe and Drew.

But here is an unbelievable back story. I followed Sr Richard’s instructions and submitted, in writing and by email, the required thirty day notice . Later that evening I received a telephone call from Drew, a newly hired manager. He was absolutely wonderful, exploring my reasons, and helping me find a solution. We chatted on and I mentioned Joo Kim Tiah’s name.

Drew: I know about that chapter. I worked for Cactus Club when you were living at the Trump and had to come to the Cactus Club to seek safety from that crazed man who was fixated on you. I have been reading your blogs since then.

Me: OMG I do not believe that! I am weeping, absolutely weeping.

It was so strange and so healing to hear him speak of those days and his devotion to me. It reinforced my decision to terminate but made me think and remember that I did have, and do have, so many people on my side. In the long run, I did triumph over evil, as will be shown as things unfold. But I do need some peace to finish the book, to put it to bed and then get on with my life.

Things are made easier with the addition of JRM in my life. He is a fantastic text guy (Hottie is not). He sends me sweet messages in French. I read people some excerpts and people always say:

They: He is so sweet! How did you meet him?

Me: Eating ramen. It is good for you! hahahaha

Recently I sent him a text, inquiring about whether an important woman in his life would be jealous of our friendship.

Me: This is a strange question but will she be jealous of our friendship? Hottie is not.

He: No, she won’t

Me: Great.

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