Buying a Globe for Reasons Stated in a Prior Blog with Updates; Turning Night Into Day; Me at a Bus Stop on a Hot Day in Burnaby

Yesterday I bought a globe – I scored – it was on sale. Lee, a staff member at VPL suggested that I might find one at Home Sense and she was right. That library comes in so handy, all of the time. I have related this before in a prior blog but the list keeps growing and all of this is true! But this is what happened in Home Sense. I was waiting forever and there was a little girl whose mother was checking out. The little girl came over and I showed her the globe and pointed to Vancouver. “No not there,” she demanded, “I am from China.” So I found China for her on the globe.

She: What is next to it?

Me: Let’s look.

Me: Look here is Malaysia. I had a friend who was from Malaysia.

So despite the fact that I never had children (because I never wanted to have children) I am really good with kids and they really like playing with me. She and I were playing geography.


Geography lessons go on early in the game and one’s skills become rusty as one ages. Moreover, borders change, new countries are born and others die , so after decades it is a total grab bag. Traveling to distant lands helps but there are part of the world never visited and so remain just a blur. I have found a stimulus to geography catch up – MEN

A man develops an interest in me and says he is from Albania. Albania, I ponder, Where is that? Then aided and abetted by Google I discern it is next to Greece and has been a very troubled country for years.

A man from Bangladesh develops an interest in me. I do know vaguely where the country is but do some reading to learn more about the complexities of the situation and get a bettie sense of the terrain, the food stuffs grown etc.

An extremely helpful young man who looks eerily like a handsome man from London comes from Columbia. Columbia? I have never heard of Columbia. Cousin Gail suggests South America and lo and behold, there t is, next to Venezuela near the Panama Canal.

The owner of the hotel in which i did reside comes from Malaysia. Where in the world is Malaysia? Well its near Singapore for one thing. Then I meet a man in Edmonton who gives me the inside scoop on the country, or so he says. I later learn more about the country, it is not pretty, the knowledge, not the country

Son, the Crooner is from the Philippines and plans to vacation there bringing books and supplies for poor children. I consider visiting him when he is there but it would be hard as I do not know where it is. Now I do. But later it becomes apparent that the day care was a scam so I will not visiting there real soon. But I met a charming young well dressed woman on Robson Street and she restored my faith in Philippine people and said it is a wonderful place to visit.


A man from Belgium develops an interest in me. He comes from Belgium. I know vaguely where Belgium is (and have been there at one time) but not clear. So I get a book from VPL and now I now where it is and its neighboring countries. So I say to this man that I need a globe so I can keep all of this straight. He says use Google Maps. I say I will do it my way and this began a series of arguments that eventually led to be break up of that relationship.


A man claiming to be the Crown Prince of Dubai expresses and interest in me on Instagram. So believing it to be true I try and find out where it is. I find out by getting books out of the library. But in the meantime discover that the man is scamming me.

So now I have a globe. Bring on the men. Hahahahahaha Have globe will travel. Hahahahaha

So not only do I have a blog but I am also all over Instagram and hence can simultaneously post on FaceBook. Facebook not interactive and people there, on the whole, rather boring. There are certain individuals who never, ever LIKE me. So I got in a devilish mood and went to all of them that were on with their little messages and said to them “If you don’t start liking me I will never like you again.” It was so much fun. They probably won’t respond but in the word of Adele: “I will not loose any sleep over it.” I enjoy life these days. Some recent tribulations but things are now looking good, as a matter of fact, really good.

Sometimes I have a hard time keeping a secret. Here is a text message sent to Hottie on Friday night.

Me: If you tell anyone you will die. I woke up at 7 but thought 7 in the morning not night. I did have breakfast. Now what? I laugh, My life is weird. TV watching I guess.

He: This is f**king brilliant.

Me: Thanks, I am laughing so hard I could die. Perfect response on your part by the way.

He continues to give me a rough time about this indiscretion. This email from Tuesday. .

Me: I am immensely grateful I am seeing you tomorrow. You keep me sane and it has been days and days. Keeping me sane is a bloody full time job however. Hahahahaha

He: I’m looking forward to the catch up. And the evening breakfast stories

Me: Evening breakfast stories? Oh, I just got it. Will bring menu. Hahahahaha

The picture was taken by nw friend Tracey. I was at a bus stop in Burnaby/ Me on a bus? Yes the mighty have fallen. Hahahaha

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