What Men Say About Me; Reflections Upon My Appeal; Mufflers; Truth as a Weapon; Ending with a Picture of Katherine and Me

A man repeatedly banished from my life keeps coming back. He is rather amusing as you will see. I spoke of my fame and he said:

He: Congratulations on becoming famous; its a hard act to keep up because the people who recognise you may not always be the people you want to be recognised by. But its better than being anonymous I suppose.

Me: As to your comments on fame – so profound and so true. And it is a tiresome act – I have very recently become an indoor girl and more solitary – for reasons of the book and well as my so called sanity.

Another man, also banished, wrote to me when I was tiring of writing this blog.

He: You cannot stop blogging. You inspire people. You give them hope! I want to be the propeller in your life to keep you writing.

So these guys, as you can see, are sweet but they definitely have another side to them. It is always best to remember that no one person is all good or all bad. There is a mixture in all of us. There are three things that are important, according to the religion of Alexis:

1 Try to bring out the good in people – not all people because sometimes genetic factors make it impossible to ‘get blood out of a stone”

2 Mourn the person when the relationship terminates but then try and remember the good times,

3 If tempted to resume a relationship remember that what happened before is going to happen again – moreover when trust is destroyed a relationship is dead.

So all of this is free advice and you get what you pay for. Hahahahaha. I was laughing with a new friend about the tendency of men to reappear in my life. She has a great sense of humor.

She: Men can not get over you because no other women can measure up to you.

Me: You make me laugh. Let me give you a hug and I hope to see you on Wednesday.

I have started a new practice. I basically hate the way most people dress but rather than focusing on them I congratulate those who are well dressed and we get into the most interesting conversations. The clothes they are wearing are never new frocks – they have had them for ages. One woman, yesterday, is 81 years old and was beautifully dressed in black and white, with a matching hat. She made an interesting comment.

She: Well some people do not have taste. Others have no sense of color coordination.

Me: That is interesting. I never thought of that. But where did your sense of taste and color coordination come from?

She: It is genetic. Both my mother and my father were well dressed and even my grandparents as I recall.

Me: That is interesting. I was not at all fond of my mother but I did realize that my sense of style came from her. And my father was quite well dressed, as was my Uncle Dave.

At that point I whipped out the cover of my book on Uncle Dave where he is wearing a hat, a plaid tie, an overcoat. She responded that she could see that he took pride in his appearance. So this interesting woman will meet me for brunch sometime in July. She was born in Hamburg, not Saskatchewan. (Hahahahaha)

The picture attached to this blog will be another treasure that I met up with yesterday. Tracey and I went back to Lotus Seed restaurant in Burnaby. Katherine is a 19 year old who recently came from Viet Nam. She is the most charming, positive and friendly soul that you would ever want to meet. She is here alone, leaving behind her family. She speaks of me as her mother and I teasingly say that poor Katherine cannot count. I am Granny material at my advanced age of 75. I do have practice being a granny but none being a mother. I was a good granny – probably too good as it led to jealousy on the part of others who sought to undermine me and continue to do so until this day. Clearly my Katherine and I are not genetically related – well no one is, as I never had children.

But onto the main topic of the day. MUFFLERS. Mufflers have been discussed in prior blogs. for example, July 18, 2017 and October 17,2017. But rather than complaining or subjecting myself to danger by saying: “Too bad you cannot afford a muffler.” I am taking a different course of action. I went to the most wonderful place on earth, the VPL, and paid the wonderful InfoAction people money to do research. Well there is a muffler by-law. It is Motor Vehicle Noise and Emission Abatement By-Law No. 9344. Is it enforced? HELL NO! Listen you people that live in Vancouver. Am I going to do something about it. HELL YES! Stay tuned. I am so sick and tired of passive, negative and complaining people. In the words of my role model Lady MacBeth: Out damned spot!.

At this point I am multitasking beyond belief I am reading the by-law with its accompanying research, writing about reincarnation for the Uncle Dave book, writing this blog and texting Sir Richard on the topic of dyslexia. What you say? Yes i am and need I remind you that I always tell the truth. I was texting a dear girl who shares my first name the other day. We were discussing my family. She was sad when she read the blog of two days ago and I was reassuring her.

Me: But my dear I did go on to lead a productive life and living well is the best revenge on those who harmed me or denied it happened. Their lives are hell – so there is justice in the end. And I have been provided with an avenue in which to speak out.

She: aw ya did!!!!

She went on. (after some conversation which will remain private)

She: they don’t deserve you alexis

Me: And they don’t got me. I frighten the hell out of them because I tell the truth.. The truth is a powerful weapon.

She: ahahaha that’s so good!

And the truth is a powerful weapon but only if wielded by the brave unfortunately I am brave and if you messed with me – you are in trouble. dnefwmmcb.

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