More Affairs in Order; Progress on Several Fronts; the Royal Yacht Club’ Fires by Flannigan; Ending with Tarzan

I did neglect to report that i also got a safety deposit box and soon all of my valuables shall be safe. It had to be at main branch of RBC because no room at the local one – but no problem and it was so easy and seamless. I am loving RBC – it was Chase that screwed up my wire transfer last month, not RBC. This month the money for the rent is already in my Canadian bank, PHEW!

I also am making progress in other matters. I texted Sir Richard about m ability to deal with two phobias which are related to post traumatic stress. The phobias concern big dogs and an intense fear of heights. Sir Richard deals with the dog problem because there are big dogs all over this city and we train outside,

Me: 2 things.1. Elevator ride x3 petted dog and 2. I can stand on my outside patio.

He: That is really good progress. I’m very impressed.

I joked with Pierre the Handyman

He: You can go and stand by the rail

Me: I do not thinks so – do not press your luck. This BBQ work?

He: It looks like it does.

Me: Who cares? You need a husband to barbecue – it is not women’s work and who wants another one of those husbands? Not me.

Such a great day yesterday. It was off to the Vancouver Royal Yacht Club for a U of A Alumni brunch. It was thoroughly enjoyable – meeting new people, drinking champagne. I said to the bartender:

Me: I do not want any orange juice in my Mimosa. I like my champagne and my men straight.

He: No problem. Lots of people just want the orange juice.

Me: Well they are fools but it is Ok with me as I get the benefit.

Of course I handed out my blog cards like candy. One woman and i shared a similar addiction. She was a pharmacist, retired but then went back to school at got a Master’s in Theology. I thought that was great and told her of my post retirement scholastic endeavors.

Mostly because I am pushy I was able to sit at the head table with the speaker and the big shot Alumni personal. Well- big shot Alumni personal Sean and I had met before. We met at a U of A Wine Tasting Event in California about ten years before. We remembered each other and had such a jolly time renewing our acquaintance and laughing and joking. It was jolly and he brought me dessert. He lives in Saint Albert, Alberta and has three children – his boys are ‘mirror’ twins, such a fascinating scientific truism – I had never heard of it before. We talked of our prior meeting and I told him I was relieved to hear that my flamboyant personality had pre-dated London days. I sometimes loose track of what I was like before and it is rather encouraging to hear that I am basically the same me.

He: Well, I guess you are a little more flamboyant now than you were ten years ago.

Me: Thanks, I guess. Sort of like wine aging I guess.

The speaker, Dr. Michael Flannigan spoke about fires. He was so informative, presented complex phenomena in such clarity that even my little mind could grasp these concepts.

The basic tenant was that devastating and deadly wildfires ravaged parts of the world in 2017. The question is: “Now, as the climate warms and the environment becomes more conducive to fires how can the threat of wildfires be managed in the future?”

So we learned about research using woodland fire science to improve fire preparedness. And there is artificial intelligence that can be used to protect communities from the ruin of future wildfires. But it takes the cooperation of government to lessen the harm by declaring, on risky days, humans not be allowed in certain areas – so no logging, no tourism. The Alberta Government says: Yes, we will cooperate. The British Columbia Government says: No.

Why? because the British Columbia Government, in my opinion, is too greedy and they will loose funding. I am rapidly becoming disillusioned with this province. I am already totally disillusioned with Vancouver with its greed and corruption.

But on a lighter note I sent several of my women friends the following email this morning. The subject line was: ????? of the morning.

Me: Do you think a poorly groomed man could ever be a good lover? Sitting next to one now and believe me NOT turned on. In one of JKT’s building – now HE was well groomed! Hahahaha. Feeling good as you can see. Alexis

Only one response from Coco but, I do think, it is impossible to improve upon this.

She: Even a poorly, poorly undressed man can be dam sexy, dam sexy, who?


Me: God damn it. You are funny!

I so hate the heat. Just in case, I bought an air conditioner today – honestly i did. I become so grouchy in the heat – if I lived near the equator I would become a mass murderer. I told this to a man warning him not to kidnap me and take me with him to a very hot and humid place. Let the record reflect that he did not and I remain in Canada. (now with an air conditioner)

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