Affairs in Order: A Sense of Closure: Thinking Like a Toddler; A Flower Arrangement; Then a Wall

All of my affairs are in order – that is because all of my affairs are over – affairs of the heart take up so much time, effort and energy and when gone – one has the means, method and opportunity to put the real affairs in order. What affairs are in order, Ms. McBride?

1 I have a valid Canadian will, all signed, sealed and delivered.

2 I have a ‘health care directive’ – a wondrously clever document that allows an extremely capable person to pull the plug if I suffer brain damage. I do not want to lie in a reduced capacity.

3 My investments are in order and managed by a competent individual, who actually likes me.

4 A top to the bottom physical shows me in fantastic health and I daily follow a regime taking medication that will ensure my continuing health.

Now there are things to do. Forms to fill out for reimbursement of medical care for example. And I have decided that I am going to write my own obituary, not leave anything to chance. Interestingly, my California physician did tell me that I was going to live forever.

Me: Why didn’t you tell me this before? I spent a lot of money getting my will prepared?

He: I am sorry Alexis. And I could be wrong. Remember about you and that motorcycle.

Me: You make a good point doctor but I am most cautious in traffic these days particularly since they drive on the right side of the road

A good friend read the ‘obituary’ of Paul Skvaril found in the April . She, with great sensitivity and concern, asked the following question:

She: Not my favourite term (vastly overused), but did you feel a sense of closure as you wrote about his life?

Me: Again you ask the most amazing question. The answer is a resounding YES. It is difficult to explain but not just closure to Paul but closure to vast chapters of my life. I guess that is because, from somewhere, I got grace. The obituary was an example of grace. But everything said was the truth and things were not sugar coated. And it is done and as the days go by it feels better.

It will be interesting to see if donations are made to Tea and Trumpets on his behalf. It is not of concern to me. Another friend and I joked that if a major contribution was made by a certain individual we would get together and get really drunk to celebrate. We are talking major contribution here, there must be a reason for such drunkedness and frivolity.

Another trip to VPL yesterday with the added enjoyment of finding a great book with an interesting premise. The title: Little Wins The Huge Power of Thinking Like a Toddler written by Paul Lindley. The beginning pages with its : “An inspiring book that brings to life the power of playfulness for adults.” “Rarely does one call a business book heart-warming but this one truly is.” “Valuable insight and lessons that can benefit us all”

But I shall cut to the chase (whatever that may mean). Lindley offers nine steps to ‘growing down’ and here they are:

1.Be confident

2. Be creative

3. Dive right in

4. Never give up

5. Get noticed

6. Be honest

7. Show your feelings

8. Have fun

9. Involve others

So I hope that Lindley does not get mad and sue me for listing the nine points on my blog. If he does I will stamp my foot and say:

Me: That is not very toddler like

He: You are right, I am sorry

The introduction to the book is written by Sir Richard Branson. If I write a book I will get Sir Richard of Hot to write the Introduction. I can’t wait to tell him of this new responsibility when I see him tomorrow. He will just shake his head and say:

He: Alexis, you are a lot of work!

Me: I know but I am worth it!

This las imaginary interchange covered all of the nine pointers. So there! So there! So there!

One of the photos attached to this blog is the flower arrangement I made yesterday using flowers purchased at my favorite in the whole world flower shop Divine Vines on Mainland. The other is a wall in my apartment with a clock and a photograph I took in Covenant Garden, across from the Apple Store in London. I took the first ever photo class offered by Apple and then took about four more. It was so much fun.

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