My Statistics; Life Could Not Be Any Better with Pierre the Handyman and Rick Mercer; But Watch Out Trump International Hotel 

So with any luck at all (and who needs luck with Chris, the computer guru) you will see my statistics as of April 8, 2018 (I think). You collectors of likes on FaceBook and Instagram, eat your hearts out!  You are SO irrelevant to my life. Read them and weep and I know they are accurate. Why the spiking on March 30 and 31 – no idea – but I will try and figure it out. Not now, because who cares? But later. It is philosophical rather than inquisitive – because basically I do not care. I do not have to. Hundreds, if not thousands, are in the palm of my hands (whatever that may mean). 
I recently availed myself of FaceBook and saw a video that Carol sent me, perhaps years ago I do not DO Facebook anymore but when I could just put my Instagram post on Facebook with a flick of the wrist, I decided to do it. But I did not follow it – but when Yolo repaired my iPad, I got it back and looked. It was so strange – I had missed out on a great deal because for some strange reason people were using Messenger on FaceBook rather than my email which they had. So I was actually informed of the death of #3 but through Messenger but I had no access to Messages until the day before yesterday. There you go – as we Canadians say. I dutifully wrote back thanking the informers but explaining to them I had not received it as I did not use Messenger on FaceBook. The truth of course. I am not sure I will continue to use it. Why? 
But what people Like on Facebook is a mystery to me – slightly less so on Instagram. What people like is obvious and much more immediate. FaceBook is not my forum and shall not be for many, many reasons. But Carol’s video is of a darling girl singing away at her pre school graduation and Carol wrote that she thought it was me. I was moved beyond belief and played it tens of times. I am not sure if it can be posted but if it can be, it will be, and then i will speak of it further. I was SO touched. 
But I laid in bed this evening and thought: My Life Could Not Be Any Better and I will explain why. Pierre the Handyman arrived and EVERYTHING is hung, the pictures, the bulletin board, the dream catcher, the collage. Moreover the magic man replaced my bulbs with long lasting ones that do not emit heat. He is a genius. AND wait until you hear this – he made the television in my bedroom work. The living room one remains a mystery but now I can watch TV from bed, and I did. I am in love all over again – with Rick Mercer. Honest, we are a match made in heaven, he should make me the West Coast Woman. He is the funniest man in the WHOLE WORLD and I am the funniest woman in the Whole World, So I watched the Rick Mercer Report from bed. So, in a strange and interesting way, I was in bed with Rick Mercer. My Gawd he makes me laugh – i almost wet myself (but did not). He totally cracks me up. But there was a strange moment of poignancy as he reviewed his fifteenth anniversary. He was in an airplane and he said: “I cannot believe that I am circling Niagara Falls in a Lancaster airplane!” 
My maternal uncle, Allan Pirie, was shot down over Germany in a Lancaster airplane the day I was born, May 29, 1943. It had dreadful implications for me – my whole life. But I went on to laugh with Rick Mercer. I have that capability. Few, if none, do. 
So tomorrow is a great day. A meeting in the morning with my Canadian financial advisor, followed by a session with Sir Richard of Hot at the Equinox and then a lunch date, with a person whose name I cannot reveal. I do think it will be an early luncheon celebration of my birthday at an unnamed restaurant where neither of us have been. I am so looking forward to it, as is he. 
But here is the icing on the cake. I got a telephone call during my outdoor training session yesterday, I was urged to answer. It was Franco telling me that I have an appointment during the first week in May with that wonderful neurologist who told me that I did not have a stroke. My MRI was negative so I did not get an automatic appointment with him, but a miracle happened. He is absolutely brilliant and i cannot wait to see him again. One of my brilliant California physicians provided a diagnosis of that strange incident but I do think I can discuss it with this imminent man. This is a miracle – the health plan in this province is so flawed. 
So i am happy, happy, happy and not! I was so insulted at the Trump International Hotel yesterday and I spoke of it on Instagram and FaceBook. But my blog will contain the details. Words cannot express the rage i feel – I know the perpetrator. It was a third class sommelier who did me in last October. I suddenly saw it all. Such a silly man. Anyway, I shall write of it later, when I feel like it. Not now as I am enjoying my clean apartment with everything in place and one functioning television. And a promise of a wonderful day tomorrow. 
It is night here – sweet dreams my friends. My enemies? Bad nightmares. hahahaha.  

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