I Haven’t Died; Being Devastated But Now Ok Because of Great Friends; A Great Find, Yolo Repair, an Alternative to Apple

I sent my precious Chris the following email yesterday. The subject line was: I haven’t died but not feeling well

Me: I am paying for my sins – a late and luscious dinner at the Pacific Rim Fairmont. Tomorrow morning perhaps but much sleep in between. Sickie Alexis

He: Let’s call it a duvet day xx

Me: I love it!! It made me laugh out loud. A duet day – I think I will start the blog with that quote xx Alexis

So I am. So there! So there! So there! It was not just dinner that laid me low – I am coughing up phlegm this morning and I did suffer psychological disturbances from writing the Life and Times of Paul Skvaril.(please see April 22,2018 post) It was exhausting, I felt drained and could barely walk and talk (now that is saying something). The feeling continued and then was enhanced. It was enhanced because after publication tens of people who I once considered my friends did not write to acknowledge what I had done. They knew of the pain and suffering Paul and his family put me through and not one word!. Readers must not feel sorry for me because my friends, mostly new friends, were immensely supportive. They wrote and spoke with me. One saying: “Paul’s obit, though depressing to do for you, was very well done! And since it’s probably the only obit he’ll get, it was really the best!!”

But I became philosophical about it all and during our outdoor training I spoke to Sir Richard.

Me: I decided that these silent people are just not emphatic. That is what it gets down to.

He: That seems true – they did not consider how you felt.

Me: I always would look to why. “Why are they like that?” But I don’t anymore. That is who the are and they are going to be that way. The why does not matter as they are never going to change.

He: No they are not – they are that way for some inexplicable reason.

So Sir Richard and I have serious conversations as well as joking and laughing. We have a star system to motivate me – I am NEVER going to get the star for five minutes of silence. I almost did the other day – I thought I saw someone I knew at the gym and became mute.

He: Alexis, what happened to you?

Me: I thought I saw somebody I knew who hasn’t been at the gym for months.

But it wasn’t him and I started talking again.

So E.H.B. and I ate at the Pacific Rim Fairmont and celebrated her new and posh position. She is the Operating Manager of the Exchange Hotel in Vancouver which is in the old Stock Exchange Building. I am so happy for her and she seems so happy in her new job. She used to work at the Trump International Hotel, that is how I met her. She is the one jewel I got from that experience. I told her so, as I am a positive person who tells the truth. So there! So there! So there!

But to continue with my positiveness. I made a terrific find the other day and quite by accident. I was walking along Mainland Street (here in Yaletown) and there in small shop in a mall is Yolo Repair. Yolo Repair uses a process called micro soldering to fix Apple product’s charming problems such as: . touch IC problems and baseband problems. What did this mean to me?

I took in my old iPad and magic, and for no money at all, it works. If I would have gone to the so-called Genius Bar at the Apple Store i would have waited around for ages and then be told that I needed to buy a new iPad. Well, excuse me, I did and some maid stole it out of my room at Inn at the Opera in San Francisco. Now my old iPad works and nobody would steal this scruffy thing. Hahahahaha. Anyway if you want to get a better idea about the services look up www.YolorRepair.Ca. and apparently they are on yelp.ca. The owner and I had a long chat – when one buys an Apple product you are the owner. Apple seems to think that they are the owner and some of the products are manufactured to ‘time’ out necessitating new purchases. It was not always like that. I was an avid Apple fan, avid. But no more. I was going to publish my Uncle Dave book using iBook author and it is almost finished. But then there was no longer the support necessary and it was one factor that led me to abandon the book. But my marvelous Yolo guy had good news for me – my old MacBook has tons of storage space and is equipped with Word. That is good news because my short stories on Betrayal are on that computer and I can go to the Vancouver Public Library and get great support from the Inspiration Lab. So there! So there! So there!

The picture attached is of me and Oysters Rockefeller at Joe Fortus Restaurant. In my hours of need Coco sent a picture of us enjoying Oysters Rockefeller in Olema and it so cheered me. I am sending her the picture to encourage her to come and visit me – these oysters were superb, down right superb!

Thank you Vancouver.

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