Up and About Therefore Not Writing From Bed; Very Strange Coincidences and Chance Encounters; I Guess I Made a Difference

I almost always write from bed – all of my writing. I read in the New Yorker that Woody Allen writes from bed – a four poster one in his study. We all know the good news – that the New Yorker has fact checkers – so it is true. Well, true at one time at least. I write from Book Passage Cafe in Corte Madera California. It is an institution and as I browse through their brochure I am reminded that I took a travel writing seminar sponsored by them – probably about seven years ago. Did I learn anything? Well yes, it was apparent that it was sheer folly to become a travel writer. So I abandoned that career path. All of you are probably saying – too bad.

You: If you had stuck with travel writing I would not have to be reading this!

Me: Who is forcing you? Get over it.

You: That is funny!

Me: Can I blog it?

You: Why ask? You will do what you want anyway.

Me: Good point!

I have enjoyed a breakfast burrito, a latte and water. I

I am surrounded by people mostly women. Tutoring is going on it seems. One person is telling another person how to write. I am somewhat oblivious of their conversations. Personally I find such practices a waste of time, but that is just me. I am of the school that you learn how to write by writing, not talking about it. I am in the fortunate position of not having to make a living from my writing and that does provide a great deal of freedom and encouragement. I am not sure that I would be able to write IF forced to. I am being approached to grow the blog but that would entail the paralyzing effect of money being employed. So no. Goodness gracious, fame is a pain so who wants more?

I had an amazing experience that related to my writing. It happened at Jason’s in Greenbrae during Happy Hour. There was a large loud and noisy table but glancing over my shoulder there was a woman who looked familiar. It was a social worker, an extremely competent woman who I had worked with years ago when a lawyer with County Counsel’s Office. It was her retirement party. I rushed over and hugged her and at least one other extremely competent colleague. They were so happy to see me and said the sweetest things, things I shall never forget. They said the appeals that I wrote of behalf of the Department of Social Services were an inspiration to them – they felt supported, that I was on their side defending their professionalism and actions. I was absolutely shocked – of course in a good way! I could weep in appreciation right now but won’t. I am a big girl. I was The appeals supported the removal of abused and neglected children from their abusive and neglectful parents. So I did make a difference. I did, in this way, master the abuse and neglect visited upon me by my parents. It is HUGE. See I am not just a pretty face, not pretty really but some folks find me cute.

So my California visit is almost over – tomorrow it will be home to Vancouver, to Hottie, the Equinox, VAG and VPL. I do admit that I am looking forward to it – rather breathless with anticipation.

Across the passageway NOW power yoga welcomes exercising folks dressed in various forms of undress. I must do some yoga when I get home to my Equinox. What with the B12 and yoga and Vitamin D there will be no stopping me.

The picture is of me and food. Dessert at the Left Bank in Larkspur. I need the gym and Hottie.

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