Watch Out World; Highlights and Coincidences Occurring in California; Little Orphan Annie; and a Vulgar Card

Watch out world! Blood tests revealed that I have a vitamin B12 deficiency and such a deficiency can cause “mental health issues like depression, bad mood, and poor memory.” So, therefore, when I swallow my supplements I will be less depressed, be in a better mood and remember things better. I was at my wonderful dentist last week. He just shook his head at my antics and laughed with his staff: “Now why can’t that woman be a little positive.” They are so grateful that I return to these United Sates for my dental care.

My visit nears completion so I will illustrate some of the highlights and coincidences of my days in Marin County California.

Day One. I order a pizza and it is delivered by a man whose family lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. His name is Victor, now what is the likelihood of that?

Day Two. Get blood work done – did not faint and was quite brave. It took two trips to do the urine sample (this is an example of two much information). I walk to Larkspur, go the the Left Bank, order and consume a rare hamburger. M. (the hostess) speaks to me and reads the blog. She says: “You are a beacon of hope!” “You are so authentic.” I think I cried. Alex (my name), the bartender and sommelier speaks of the importance of pairing wine with food. He seems smarter than all of the other sommeliers I have met, and, of course, I tell him so. Besides that, he is cute – not that looks are everything.

Day Three: Appointments with my two precious doctors. I learn that I am incredibly healthy and that all systems are on go, except for the vitamin D and B12. From the other doctor I learn an important concept that may change my relationships with people. I suppose more about that later. He also explains the ‘stroke’ that had a couple of months ago., making a diagnosis and suggesting an extremely easy cure. Phew.

Day Four: Well, not a good day because I was processing the death of Husband #3. But then Young Man came for drinks and there was the uncanny resemblance.and many laughs. See prior blog.

Day Five: That was dentist day – so clean teeth, a new toothbrush and lots of laughs. I am a mandatory patient as they need cheering. Type “Mind the Gap” into the search engine and you will learn about my mouth (as it it relates to teeth).

So at this moment I have got to get on with living my life and, hence cutting short the blog. Attached will be one photograph and one card. The picture, taken this morning, shows me looking like Little Orphan Annie/ The card is very vulgar but that is me as well.

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