Pinter is my Guy; The Birthday Party; Many Digressions with Negativity to Emerge Later

I am sure that all are sitting at the edge of your seats wondering if Harold Pinter was able to resume his coveted status – the glory of being Alexis McBride’s favorite playwright. The answer is a resounding YES.

In the past year I jokingly have been saying that I am played out. Theatre was a major attraction and fascination! City University London was really a ruse, a means to get to London to see theatre and, once there, I definitely indulged. My introduction to London theatre was though a theatre travel group that journeyed to London every January, doled out tickets for scores of plays, and hired theatre critic Matt Woolf who also dragged actors, producers and sundries to be interviewed in the presence of mine enemies. (in the end Betty, the boss lady was rude to me.) I did that for six years preceding my two and a half year sojourn in London. When in London I enrolled in Matt’s winter class at the Victoria and Albert Museum for more of the same. This is but yet another example of Alexis McBride, driven woman.

However, Vancouver (not a great city but a great place to have a city) is not known for its theatre. I do have friends that are consummate Vancouver theatre goers but, by and large, they have not asked me to join them and it was fine. I was played out. I do go to theatre alone with no problem as interesting things happen in theatres. In 2016 (London days) I went to a so-called comedy Suicide. At interval I said to the man in an adjacent seat:

Me: I thought interval would never arrive. If I stay for the second act I am going to COMMIT suicide

He: Can I buy you a drink?

Me: Of course!

That was about two years ago and we are still in a relationship (of sorts) with many ups and downs and great distances separating us. I can be a trifle grouchy, once I sent him a tender message and this was his response.

He: I have been hacked! Someone saying it was you sent me a tender message!

Me: You are so funny and you know how I love funny!

I laughingly wrote to him the other day: “You do not qualify for CHASED but at least you are age appropriate.” CHASED is the affirmation to be used to qualify the men in my life (blog of ), This guy is 69 which does still make me the “older woman” but it does beat 32 (my youngest of late).

I have digressed. Back to the play, stupid. Pinter wrote The Birthday Party when he was only 28 and now he is long gone so that was a long time ago. But the play has definitely stood the test of time. So very current, entirely so. . I wrote to the man in the third paragraph earlier today:

Me: As you shall read on the blog I saw a truly excellent performance of Pinter’s The Birthday Party. It was rather eerie in places as Goldberg looked exactly like G.W. of Ottawa (the bath tub guy that told me the real story behind you know who) Goldberg complains that the trollop who is sitting on his knee has broken his rib. Then she says that she been forced to do and see sexual things that even a “ thrice married woman” should not. Then a discussion afterwards with most of the case on stage and the director. It was glorious. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and remembered that I loved theatre.”

For new readers: 1) I have been married three times. 2) G.W. can be found in the blogs of August 28th and August 5th (and more)

BUT 3) the broken rib analogy is really nobody’s business. The later is rather unbelievable and could just be the result of over training at the gym.

I again digressed. Back to the play yet again! Scott Wentworth (who played Goldberg) looked so familiar but I could not place him. Then at interval I saw that he had been at Stratford (Canadian version) for twenty-four years. I must have seen him there! Judith Ivey played Meg and she was nothing short of magnificent. All of the actors were perfectly cast. The set and the costumes were spot on. Carey Perlof, the director, WHAT A WOMAN! She led the discussion after the play for those of us who hung on. I was most enthusiastic and said to her:

Me: I said to myself. What did I do right to be able to have this experience?

She: Thank you so much.

I remind myself that I walked into Room 1908 of the Trump International Hotel, looked at Vancouver spread beneath my feet and said exactly the same thing. It was so surprising to be so high that it was preceded by the F word. I then called down to the Front Desk to repeat what I had said. I was afraid that it would go away – which of course it did. My wise cousin Carol Ann said:

Carol Ann: At least you had it once.

Me: I must remember that!

I go home to Vancouver today so I must get packed and get this show on the road. I do so hate plane travel but I tried growing wings and flying but did not succeed. I have what is commonly known as a “lay over” in Seattle. If something goes wrong and I do not get to my gym appointment with Hottie at 11 – heads will roll. I need to see Hottie and all of those guys at Equinox on West Georgia Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

I have had at least two negative experiences here in SF. One involving the Beverage Director at the Redwood Room of the Cliff Hotel , a Miss Ku, and one involving the owner of the restaurant here at the Inn of the Opera. I will write later probably from the airport of this two rude women. Women are often the worst misogynists. Particularly those with a little bit of power. They want to pick on somebody but don’t dare pick on men nor women with men. So poor little defenseless me gets insulted. Poor Little? Defenseless?? Not bloody likely but if I contain my anger immediately my aim gets better. Thank you Joo Kim Tiah for teaching me that, although he might regret it now.

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