An Utterly Amazing Trip Filled with Serendipity, Good Wishes, Wonderful People  and Stellar Advice

I am loving this hotel. A woman at the front desk said: 
She: We just love having you stay here! You bring life to the place!
Me: Oh my goodness, thank you! I am going to cry. Jordan, write this down or I will forget it.
The same thing was said by the Emperor at the Trump International Hotel several months ago.  I returned to the Trump after a week in Edmonton saying good bye to “Dad”. The Emperor said that the life went out of the hotel, there was no energy when I was gone. I now call the place the Rump International Prison. That is because, in my dying days there, they tried to control me. I renamed the Emperor, the Warden. Of course their efforts did not work as I am not exactly controllable. One of my lovers who tried to control me said eventually: “As If” and later said: “You might as well try and tame the wind.’ In the long run he just grew to love me just the way I am. 
Jordan and I (honest to God) met in the loo of the Sausalito Ferry and have been practically inseparable since. She is 24, a New Zealander, a law school student. She has lived all over – even in Malaysia and Singapore. She is so pretty and so we are sort of double trouble. Men are attracted to her looks and, as you might have guessed, I have a big mouth. Some guy sat next to us at breakfast (lots of other tables) but then grew increasingly agitated and quite rude. I think he sat next to us because of Jordan’s beautiful presence but when we paid no attention to him, his little ego was hurt and he got angry. Then there was this couple – the woman clamored for her husband’s attention. 
Me: (very quietly). Don’t worry honey. Trust me we don’t want him! You can have him! 
Jordan: You are right and you are so funny! 
This trip has proven to be spectacular. I sort of ‘mothered’ a teenager who is now 54. She tracked me down and we had the most amazing reunion. I love the way she turned out and she has a wonderful husband. I was lunching with “F guy” and told him of the importance of this to my life. 
Me: So when you get to be my age and you don’t have kids you wonder if your life made any difference. 
“F Guy”: No Alexis, not everybody does. 
Me: Really? 
He: Really!
Me: Oh, it’s because I am driven. 
He: You got it! 
“F guy” has known me since I was in my twenties. A few months ago he pointed out that I was driven. I was initially surprised and then laughingly wondered how I had missed that as it is so obvious.  I laugh as I write. 
So this is complicated but I am visiting California for many reasons, including a “tune up”. It ends up that not only was I a victim of abuse but also, apparently, had preverbal maternal deprivation and something called C prime problems. But there are things that can be done and I am doing them. So there! So there! So there! And they are working. Watch out world! 
Then I saw my primary care physician – my blood pressure is better than it has been for years and years. Watch out world, yet again!  I might be around for a very long time. 
I will attach a photograph of Jordan and I taken in Larkspur that was previously posted on Instagram. I suggested to Hottie and SSF that they compete for her.. As yet there is no response. 
I am about to be off to a play at ACT. I managed to score a ticket to Pinter’s The Birthday Party. Pinter was once my favorite playwright. Not any more, but maybe will be again after this performance. Stay tuned! 
Alexis and Jordan

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