Some of the Answers Are In; A Totally Funny Christmas Greeting; Tales of Christmas Day with Ty and Pesto Risotto

So I did ask others the big question which was: “If you just read my blogs and did not know me very well would I be the same person to you?” For some reason this answer made me cry, actually weep noisily. But in a good way, not in a bad way. This person and I have known one another for about twenty-five years but we have never lived in the same city as one another.

“I had to think about your question. I would have to say you wouldn’t be the same person to me through the blog as you are in person. In many ways I think you are clearer through your blog. Good writing brings things into focus – which is what you do. You bring some things into clearer focus for me, and maybe blur other aspects of yourself. Not sure what I really know of you – I feel I am getting to know you better through the blog. Does that help?”

Another had a different response, in fact quite different. She said: “That’s a good question you pose! I’ve given the answer some thought and for me, I think it is: If I didn’t know you very well, I probably would not be reading your blog. I read it because I know you and I love reading about what you’re doing, your experiences, and how you are. Your personality shines through in your writing, but if I didn’t know you I don’t think I’d see that. Does that make sense? You have a lot of followers and a lot of those people have met you or know someone who has met you and I think they read it for the same reasons. You’re charismatic, funny, loveable, interesting, etc. I don’t read anyone else’s blog and if I didn’t know you, I’d probably not read yours, not because it’s not interesting or good, but because I wouldn’t be interested in your life or it’s experiences.”

Chris Jackson, my hero and computer guru’ s answer was short and sweet: You seem as ebullient as ever to me my dear 🙂

But moving right along, here is the funniest Christmas greeting I received, It was sent my friend Lynne.

She: Who says “not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse”? I have two mice hiding under the stove! Merry Christmas.

Me: The joys of home ownership! I do laugh! You do make me laugh. For me no mice, thanks a lot. Just one guy coming over later. He will be stirring as we are making risotto. hahahahahaha. It is Ty, the wine guy. I get all the stuff, he comes and cooks it. Not bad – none of my husbands did that!

So Christmas went on – I did as I said and was in bed most of the day with my hot water bottles. I tried to reach my cousin Faye and her husband Larry in Florida but they were out and about. Hottie sent me a text. He is such a dear man.

Hottie: Merry Christmas Alexis. Hope your hot water bottles are keeping you company.

Me: How sweet of you. Believe it or not I am actually put of bed, will miracles every cease? I am about to cry as I am going to cut up onions for the risotto. Did you ski yet?

Hottie: Risotto. Very christmasy. Skied last 2 days but not today.

Me: Well it is going toi be green as it is pesto risotto. Wait until you see my new gym shoes. A treat is in order.

So Ty arrived and we sat around the fireplace and drank egg nog and spiced rum having the most depressing conversation about Chinese consortiums taking over Vancouver. I said:

“How narrow minded Vancouverites are. Those consortiums are taking over other parts of Canada as well. Of course, Vancouver’s corrupt politicians make it easy for them to do it here.” But I have given up, I am not going to run for mayor for all kinds of selfish reasons but the two main ones are that I hate politicians and meetings. If I am going to venture on the political scene at all it will have to be Prime Minister. Move over Justin. I received encouragement in the past for taking on such a role.

But then Ty ad I moved over to wine and immediately we cheered up and endied up laughing like crazy. The pesto risotto was SO delicious, the best in the whole world. If I do the cook off at the Italian Kitchen Ty gets to be my sous chef. I am not a professional, I may need help. We are going to do the pesto as it is impossible to improve upon perfection.

It is now Boxing Day and I am soon to be off for my appointment with Hottie at the gym. I have a totally hot new outfit. I am the best dressed person at the gym somebody said. So there! So there! So there! A picture of the new shoe will be attached to this blog. Eat your heart out AND I have a matching hat. So there! Only once.

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