I Stand Corrected; an Answer to a Perplexing Question; a Risotto Cook Off: and a Surprise Picture

I stand corrected. Friend Bruce sent an email after reading my December 21 blog. He is excellent with his facts, his knowledge of the world, Alexis Janice McBride and her foibles. Air Canada was fully privatized in 1988 and the government has no role in its policies and practices. He also looked up SkyTrax ratings for 2017 and found Ai Canada ranking 29 in the entire world, the highest ranking of all North African Airlines. Huh? I prefer the comments of new friend Scotty who I met at a bar in the Toronto airport. He was on another flight, made it to Vancouver without his luggage.. He says: “I won’t be flying Air F**kada every again either..” I love that Air F**kada.(I cleaned up the language for the blog).

Scott and I had only a brief encounter. He said:”Love all the people and characters I meet waiting on planes!!! “ But even after a few minutes he had me down. “Confrontation!!! I know full well you will stand strong on that! Best of luck.” I spoke in my email to him that I was planning to confront the Acquisitions Manager at the Tate Britain for his shoddy treatment of my book In Contemplation and In Conversation at the Tate Britain. You shall read about it in a subsequent posting. I am waiting until I calm down before leveling the armament at Mr. Armstrong. My aim is better and the wound deeper when I am more rational.

I asked a dear man the following question:

Me: If you just read my blogs and not know me very well would I be the same person to you? I think the answer to that is; No or Why?

I asked him the question as he reads each and every blog and he knows me fairly well (the poor man). This was his response: “I think the blog has many of your characteristics; feisty, opinionated, quick to comment, but misses the other side of you, the vulnerability , warmth and the ability to change your mind in the face of evidence. So, partially..I suppose.” I do readily admit that I was blown away by the answer, not so much the vulnerability and the warmth part. I was intensely flattered by his observation that I can change my mind in the face of evidence. He and I have different viewpoints and we express ourselves. He is right, I can listen and change my mind about things. I am proud that I can do that – and, of course, humble. (hahahahaha). Humble is over rated, in my humble opinion.

I am thinking of asking others who avidly read my blogs but know me in other capacities. I can think of three others at this moment. My life radically and drastically changed when I impulsively began this blog. I would not have had many of the experiences endured over the past year. My life became very exotic but it needs to calm down if I am ever going to get the book about my uncle written. The book was once going to called: There Is a Pony In Here Somewhere. It was based upon an old joke about a boy, a pile of feces and grim determination.

I will write about that tomorrow.

Yesterday was a great day in many ways. It was back to the gym for a vigorous work out and then Hottie and i went across the street to The Market for brunch. It was YUM. Later I went to the Italian Kitchen. Giovanni and I have a great idea, we are going to have a risotto cook off for charity purposes. Whose risotto will be the best? Who shall judge? That is the question. Following a trip to Italy (about twenty years ago) I became the Risotto Queen.My recipes are back in California but since I go there for medical care routinely I can just go to the storage facility and find the recipes. I even made a cook book. When I get into things, I get into things.

Today a more peaceful day is planned. I am going to see Vicky for a blow dry – not a blow job but a blow dry. (hahahahahaha).

The photograph is one taken at sunrise on August 20, 2008. It is Mont Saint-Michel in France. Who was the photographer? Alexis Janice McBride.

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