The Truth, the Truth, Nothing But the Truth, A Smile Present; Good Friends; Strange Sleeping Habits; Accomplishments but Probably Not Becoming Asian

New readers of this blog may not know this, but I always tell the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth. Now occasionally a tiny lie, like Uruguay Airlines in the blog of August 26,2017, but the truth. Well, here is another caveat. It is the truth as I see at the time because sometimes people lie and I believe them for awhile but then the truth is eventually revealed. I hate liars so the person ends up biting the dust and normalcy is restored. Well. what passes for normalcy in my strange life. 
I have recently developed strange sleeping habits. I go to bed early and then wake up at around three in the morning. I did spend those early hours emailing to a 37 year old man in a different time zone and, at the same time, my high school friend Lynne who is an insomniac. I am no longer emailing the guy but the early morning wake up is still in place. This morning I awoke to an email from my friend Ty. We have a public relationship so I will just quote from the email. “Darling, what a wonderful gift you gave me. I awoke around 3:30 opened my emails and found this treasure. I could not have wished for more, for anything better. You are a precious friend, my new friend Ty. We met by accident really and have had the best of times and (my goodness) the worst of times. The post traumatic stress attack on West Georgia after attending Church Interrupted being the worst of times. What would I have done without you that night? But we are sharing too many best of times to remember! I guess I will blog this event. You are a joy to me. I actually do think I might get my act together and go to services on Sunday night despite my previous anger at the deity. Everything did turn out for the best. Alexis” 
What was my gift, the treasure Ty sent? A YouTube of a Swedish Quartet singing “Smile Though You Heart is Breaking.” Ty read my blog of October 26,2017 it seems. What a gift, he reads my blog, he sends a You Tube rendition of the song that means so much to me. Who needs money? Too much of it leads to corruption and falsehoods. 
But here is the icing on the cake. When my heart was breaking I went to Equinox, entered an Instagram contest, recorded a video later posted on my Instagram account, alexismctwit. That video has had 197 views, honest to goodness. That is unbelievable and it is only about ten days old, if that. It is as mind boggling as the numbers of people that follow this blog. 
More hilarious times emerging from the Equinox. One extremely cordial woman was showing a liking to me, as I stood at the front counter surrounded by handsome trainers. 

Me: Oh No! First it was men, then it was children, then it was dogs and now women being smitten by me? 

Resurrected George: It isn’t why, it isn’t even when, it was only a matter of time. 

Me: Gosh, can I blog that? 

Resurrected George: Yes, of course. 

Me: I will give you a nickname. I will call you Resurrected George because my Grandfather’s name was George but he is dead. 

Resurrected George: I like that name, of course you may. 
But some old Trump times remain. I sent this email to two Trumpites: 

Me: Good morning! (almost afternoon). A great deal has been accomplished!! The blog is posted – boy do I nail everyone! Tell everyone to sneak away and read it along with the one about how I cannot turn myself into an Asian from the post of two days ago. The realtor came by and turned on my fireplace (pilot light was out for summer). The housecleaners did a wonderful job. I do not need a husband because I have the name and number of a handyman. hahahahahaha. AND I think I have figured out what has been going on in Trump land. I am going to do some chores dressed in my fur jacket that was purchased at a car boot sale in London. It cost ten pounds – am I cute??? The answer is yes. MMM 

An Incredibly Handsome Asian Man responded: I can picture it already. Lexy with her fur jacket doing household chores! too cute. cant handle it. May i also inform you that you cant change race? the closet thing would be to dye your hair black but i dont know if that would suit you. it suits ME.

But not to be out done I sent this back: 

Me: I have looked into it thoroughly – I would have a reverse epi????? fold operation from the eyelids of Asian woman trying for a Caucasian look, then brown contact lenses and silicone breasts as they seem to be popular with a certain individual. Now will I do that? NO! Why? Because at least you ❤️ love me just the way I am. Hahahaha! Alexis, the Caucasian 
I think I might go back to sleep now. Boring day planned, paper work and all of that stuff. I met a fascinating woman called Robin at Medina Cafe and she might come to dinner. She is an architectural student who became, in her words, “the person my four year old dreamed I would be.” Is not that a wonderful phrase and thought. 

Me: I didn’t have a vivid enough imagination at the age of four to even guess what I would become. 
Then something rather ugly happened at the Cafe Medina. Sebastian is away and Boy, is he missed!! I may blog about it later. It has to do with some people (temporary managers) being given too much power without any responsibility. Those individuals pick on women. I am one, but not an ordinary one. Mostly I just walk away – there are many restaurants in this city. But occasionally one does have to take a stand. 
The picture posted is one that appeared on Instagram. It is Hottie and I outside training on a beautiful day. I am wearing the fur jacket purchased for ten pounds at a London Car Boot Sale. 

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