Smile, though your Heart is Aching, A New Coat, Some Funny Comments from the Gym; A Stunning Dress Fit for the Fourth

The scare of the century! I turned on my computer this morning and nothing happened! Oh, my goodness, how dependent I am on this thing! Men can come and go in my life, and I am fine. But my computer?!?! I pieced myself together and called Apple Support and was rescued. Phew! 
I have not altogether recovered from my sadness but I do really believe the words of that song: “Smile though your heart is aching, smile even though its breaking, though there be clouds in the sky you’ll get by….etc.etc.etc. And it is working. My last effort was last evening when I recorded a live video on Instagram reading one of my funniest blogs I read it from my bed, because my back hurt, my knees hurt and I felt every second of my 74 years. 
I now have proof that there is No God. I went to the Equinox yesterday for a pilates class, my first at this facility. I got there an hour early so what is a girl to do? I rounded up a trainer and went to the 49th Parallel (next door) for coffee and a donut. Not exactly within the parameters of fitness but yummy. Afterwards I went to the pilates class and about three minutes into the session injured myself – one of my precious knees. Needless to say I was less than happy and will never ever attend another pilates class as long as II live. But I gathered myself up, got out of the class, then complained a great deal but in a laughing manner. Excuse me, if there was a God one of my precious knees would not be destroyed by pilates.  
I then limped to the architectural exhibit at West Bank, the suggested by friend Ty. Its called Fight for Beauty which is actually a rather bizarre title. It proved impossible to find, there were no signs, one man said that the director of West Bank did not believe in signs. “How stupid!, I railed, “Where is he? I want to talk to that man!” Limping around in circles, not knowing where one is going? Was that fun? No!. But once I finally found it the exhibit was awe inspiring and I am going back. This time I know where I am going. Hunger struck and so it was off to Chewie’s and a grand lunch of chicken and waffles. Great lunch, great wait staff, great chefs. Interesting people dining including a couple from California who actually knew two Malaysian multibillionaire brothers from their golf club. My goodness, what a small world. On the other side of me sat the cutest little boy. He was there with his mother, his grandmother and her friend. It was love at first sight, we exchanged several blow kisses.  
Then i walked up Burrard Street and found a flower stall which will enable me to have fresh flowers at all times because you get three bunches for $10.00. Then to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver where I met people from Regina and had an experience that I cannot fully integrate. But it is changing, yet again, the biography of Uncle Dave Dryburgh. Cousin Faye has given me a reprieve, telling me that I have until April to finish the tome. That is a joke and not a joke. 
The weather is slightly better here in Vancouver, all because of my efforts. On Monday I came to the sudden realization that the weather here is the pits and the only thing to do is to prepare for it. I went major coat shopping and purchased the world’s most attractive warm coat from Nordstrom’s. It is down, it is copper, it is beautiful. So after the purchase the weather immediately got better and there is no need to wear it. Another example of the maxim: There Is No God. I bought a coat, the weather got better as if by magic. You are welcome Vancouverites, you are welcome. While at Nordstrom’s I had an absolutely jolly time, eating and drinking and making merry at the second floor bar. I had a huge conversation with Ludwig from Germany who is taking a year off and working at Nordie’s before going back to school to get his Master’s. It was a very serious conversation about the holocaust. I also took a picture of a Korean mixologist’s tattooed arms and put the photograph on Instagram. I felt very welcome there, speaking to other guests and all. The coat was purchased before the eating and drinking so that my judgment was unimpaired. 
The popularity I experienced at the Trump has actually been exceeded by that almost everywhere I go these days. It does give me pause for reflection. I gave those guys the best four months of my life and what did I get back? A reduced bank account. 
I am assigning nicknames at the the Equinox, those men at the Equinox are in much better shape than those Trump lads. Irish Cream is seeking recognition both on Instagram and the blog. He is getting itI In seeming sincerity he said: ‘We come to work just to see you!” Some other fool said: “You brighten our days!.” I was wearing my world famous T-shirt showing me in the bath tub at the Trump. Some sweet soul (who preferred to remain nameless) told me he would love to be in the bath tub with me. All of this attention could go to a women’s head. I wonder if it will last? Who cares – I have it now just when I need it. It makes us all happy, it is harmless. Cheering up others may be my destiny. 
When alone, as I am, it is possible to tune into conversations. Its not really eavesdropping, it is called hearing. Two women walking down the street were berating another woman who was not there.   

Me: Why don’t you just confront her with her offensive behavior, why talk behind her back? 

They: Well, she wouldn’t listen. 

Me: Have you ever tried? 

They: No 

Me: You are being consumed in negativity. Why don’t you talk about someone you like, someone with good qualities. It seems that would be more productive.
This advice, if taken, could cheer up those two women. But will they do it? Doubtful, but you cannot blame an old lady for trying.  
Fight For Beauty contains a fashion element. The picture posted with this blog is a stunning dress by Yves. St. Laurent. I spoke to the curator: 

Me: What a great dress! It would be perfect for my fourth wedding. The neckline would hide my turkey neck!” 

She: It would have to be an awfully elaborate wedding! 

Me: But, of course. Money would be no object!!. Hahahaha. 

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