Oh What a Beautiful Morning; A Solution to the Turkey Problem; A Victory in the Torn Jeans Battle; Discovering Instagram and Riding On a Bus

Honest to goodness (and I always tell the truth except for Uruguay Airlines in the August 26, 2017 post) I opened the black out drapes in my bedroom and sang (to myself): Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day. I’ve got a wonderful feeling, everything’s going my way.” I did not have to sing to myself as I was alone, I do not sleep with anyone. (A morning cuddle is definitely great but not worth the hassle. So there!) That is the way I truly feel, at this moment in my life, that everything is going my way.
For one thing, I solved the leftover turkey problem in the most wonderful of ways. Friend Ty, the Wine Guy emailed that he was back from slaviing in a winery and wanted to see my new apartment. So i said: “Come on over! I have left over turkey to share! “ He brought me flowers with a card that read:”Home Sweet Home!! Much Congrats. Daahling.” He also brought wine, a blend that he created. It was masterful. Then he cooked, warning the turkey by steaming – the method preserving and enhancing the moistness. We ate almost all of the pumpkin pie spreading whipped cream all over. So the left over turkey and pie was consumed and such a wonderful evening. Now IF the rude people had come to dinner as invited – there would have been no leftovers to share with Ty, the Wine Guy. A lesson learned. A picture of Ty and I will be appended to this posting. As you can see Ty is into glasses as well. The pair that I am wearing – my cheaters to be worn when working on the computer. My red striped shirt says: Forward. Goodness knows, that is what I am. 
Faithful readers know that i ranted against torn jeans on October 8, 2017. Yesterday, in the Cafe Medina (my favorite place on earth) I scored a victory. Rafaeli and I were grabbing a fast bite of before heading for North Vancouver. We were laughing and charring with everyone. After awhile the person on my left chimed in and somehow we were talking about my blog (of all things), She was sitting down but did admit that she was wearing torn jeans. But she did redeem herself – she promised NEVER to wear them again. She does not have a nickname but she is K. for short. Who ways a person cannot make a difference. I did. (hahahahaha). Perhaps I should take on a nobler cause but for right now I am perfectly happy. 
There is also news from my post about Foster Shawn, whomever he may be. (see blog of October 12, 2017). My ever faithful computer hero Chris Jackson wrote:

Chris: Wow. Cheeky wotsits 

Me: Drat it Luv. WHAT is a wotsit???????? 

Chris: I guess its a euphemism for a cheeky monkey 🙂 always glad to be useful mate xx
So I guess I have another nickname. I am a cheeky wotsits. It has a rather great ring to it. It is almost my favorite. Well Delicious Goodness is up on the list as well. I must forward the cheeky wotsits to CCC and get his reaction. CCC and Chris are both British, as is Hottie. I am surrounded! (hahahaha). Now if only Best of 2016 were around. Well, I guess that would be a bit messy. But I did email this to Chris and I truly mean it. 

Me: I love ❤️ you! You never took advantage of me just supported me. Yeah you!!!!!
Yesterday I actually rode on a bus. Yes indeed, I took public transportation. I got on the bus and announced to the driver:

Me: This is my very first bus ride 

Driver: Welcome aboard! 

The bus was the 240. Rafaeli went with me to the doctor and it was her idea to catch the bus. I thought it was stupid but it was brilliant. It closed over Lion’s Gate Bridge, it was a beautiful day and the city was spread out in all of its glory. I do think I cried in gratitude (to myself) in thanks, living in this place an at this time. But here is the awful part. Rafaeli shared her tunes with me and I was rocking away. At least I was not talking. But Rafaeli took a video of me and it is posted on Instagram. Yes, for the whole world to see. It is hysterically, awfully funny and I look stupid. 

I was emailing PPP as we had not seen one another in quite some time. 

PPP: you’re on instagram!? oh wow. watch out world! Alexis Janice McBride is taking over social media.

Me: Take over sweetheart??? I TOOK over social media. About to post video on Instagram. 

PPP: you are the CUTEST. what is your instagram name? and who introduced you to this??

Me: alexismctwit and I am not sure who introduced me to it.. Someone in London originally but then Rafaeli turned me onto it here in Vancouver a couple of day ago. I am ALL OVER it!. The silly video goes on forever, it is so funny. I have a new ambition. To get more followers than JKT. Is it possible? Maybe.
So that is the latest. I do not think I will give up blog for Instagram. But who knows? 

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