Making Changes; the Army: I Have Arrived (I Guess); Still Looking for Temporary Husband and Results of the Glasses Survey

Many of you, my gentle readers, have not had the displeasure of meeting me – or, If you have, it was only briefly. Those that know me best, and most intimately, are rather amazed at my change in attitude. As one man so thankfully put it: He: So full of grace. I must say that you have either changed quite a bit since I met you or I’m only beginning to see more of you. 

Me: I have totally changed – honest to God I have! Even I cannot believe it. Who is this? I sometimes say. I do admittedly have my moments but I let them pass and I am so, so happy that I do let them pass. 

CCC also commented on my new found grace when we had this conversation on the Lower Level of the Trump International Hotel. 

CCC: But it takes a whole Army to get the McBride Express back on track.  

Me: What is your position in that army? 

CCC: Of course I am the seasoned and unwavering General 

Me: Yes sir! Said with a Salute! 
I have finally arrived. Many blog seasoned people told me that one fine day, if my blog proved popular, I would be approached by someone with a fine offer which could include advertising. Well – drum roll – it happened yesterday when I an email popped up entitled: Web Review I will quote from it and include my responses. Spoiler Alert: I was not impressed. 

Shawn: A quick look on your website reveals some major key points which you might like to know and these can be the reason of not getting desired position.

Me: What is a desired position? Missionary? 
Shawn: Your website needs immediate improvement on major factors like: 

– Not ranked on competitive keyword.

– Presence of errors that prevents your webpages from getting indexed.

– Regular update on social media accounts is missing.

Lack of content based back links.

Me: Who cares? I do not even know what you are talking about! 
Shawn: We provide all the major factors of promotion under single umbrella and our packages are designed for a complete digital marketing experience which includes SMO, Brand management, Reputation management, organic optimization etc., in order to beat your competitors.

Me: I did not know I was in competition with anyone. What is a SMO? What is Brand management? What is reputation management? (And, parenthetically, it is too late for that.)

What in the world is organic optimization, pray tell. 
Shawn: We do not bind our clients to any sort of contract.

Me: So you provide these services at no charge at all. I doubt that! 
Shawn: Given consent, I will provide you with detailed briefing on the audit report and onward strategy using my corporate e-mail ID.

Me: You do not have my consent. 
Now I do readily admit that this was not an example of grace. But this is what really angers me. I am a lawyer, I do not need money from my blog because of my retirement income. But there are naive people who need the income (perhaps) and they fall for this and end up being relieved of their money. It is exploitive. I put a great deal of time, energy and effort into this blog. I did not do it to be exploited. Shame on you Foster Shawn. Shame on you! 
But onto more pleasant matters. There appears to be no response to the October 6, 2017 blog which advertised for a short term husband. 

Me: Have you received any resumes or applications for the short term husband position? 

CCC: No I have not. But they may have gotten lost in the mail along with Bruce’s check. 

Me: OK. I will blog that answer even though it is a private joke. 
Last and least, I hosted a one man review of the four pair of glasses I bought from S.E.E. in San Francisco. I will include a picture of me in the glasses he chose. Others do not agree but here is the result of one man rendering one vote.

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