Gap Toothed Again..Well Almost; Happiness and a View

I sent a man in my life an email a few days ago. The subject line was: “I do not know how you feel about gap toothed women but I am becoming one again. The email went something like this. 
Me: Hello, So do the search engine on my blog “Mind the Gap” to learn that I started out in life with a huge gap between my front teeth which was gradually corrected. Now I have an upper plate. I want to get my gap back and in some measure will achieve it. Not huge but bigger than it is. But if you hate it – no problem because I have more than one upper plate and I will wear the regular teeth one when I am in your presence. An example for grace ad flexibility and where are the stars???? hahahahaha.

He: If you like that look, you should go for it. Who cares what I think. 

Me: I do, for sure. 
Is that not the sweetest interchange? The answer is yes. So there So there! So there! So I am just back from the dentist. We all just died laughing. M wonderful dentist told me that I can spit between my teeth at stop signs and tried to make me practice by aiming toward a mirror he held aloft in his right hand. I respectfully declined. He has been my dentist for years and years. I can continue to fly from Vancouver to make sure he will continue to be my dentist. He said that too bad I was not around all of the time because the laughter I incite would ensure that everyone would live longer. Laughter apparently prolongs life. 

Me: Then why am I interested in a younger man? 

He: I don’t know. It is such a waste. 
So the gap is bigger but the almost part is because the teeth are at the lab and I cannot pick them up until Monday. But no problem as I have the back up with no gap referred to in the second paragraph. 
So I did the search engine search for all you lazy guys. Look to the blogs of March 1, 24 and 25. For an hilarious misstep based on teeth see June 17,2017. 
I shall end with a quote from Triple S’s book. Kurt Vonnegut said: “I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.” I think this is the happiest day of my entire life for reasons obvious and ones that will remain private The private ones have to do with enrichment. 
The photograph is one I took out of my window. Room 1908 of the Trump International Tower. As i said to Joo Kim Tiah the first day I met him. “Thanks for building this hotel for me.” Honest to goodness I did. I think it was May 25, 2017. 

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