The Final Chapter on Uncle Dave Dryburgh

So back to my uncle and back to giving him up. The biography actually began rather accidentally with a forensic exploration of his death. This analysis was undertaken in London – it was an assignment at the terrible school. I used newspaper accounts and extensive research at the British Library to try and figure it all out, this tragic death. It made no sense to me but now it does. It is crystal clear. He drowned because of big shots, an inauthentic marriage and water phobia. Poof, a new word I practiced on Joo Kim Tiah. 
So the long and the short of it is this. He was the ‘skipper’ of a ‘big shot’s” motorboat one Sunday afternoon. His flakey wife somehow dropped her purse into the water. He gallantly went to retrieve it, the boat capsized and he drowned because he had water phobia. It took me three years and much agony and it utterly changed my life but there it all is. But I am finally done with him and it happened on West Georgia Street in Vancouver. I distinguished myself from him and I became the hero of the tale. 
I was lunching. The Emperor emailed a link to an inspirational YouTube video and I watched it as I dined alone. You can see the video by clicking on the link in my August 26th blog post. What struck me us that I have met and know in varying degrees of intimacy almost all of the players in that video. But unlike my uncle I have not fawned over them and these people are super big shots, gigantic big shots. I have been authentic, I have maintained my integrity with these people. I have not stooped or curried favor with them. Two of them I even sass, early and often. When I realized that I was free. I could see the beautiful building that is the subject of the video from my table. It was truly a magical moment. But then it continued because Joo Kim Tiah asked me to post the link on my blog – and I did. 
So I won, my dear uncle, I won. I suppose if I were to name an athletic endeavor that this competition resembled it would be fencing. I wonder if my uncle ever watched fencing and wrote about it. I may never know because I think I am done. I have given him up. When I finally walk away from places and relationships I never look back. Dave Dryburgh’s fate is sealed. I have also concluded that my readership on this blog exceeds his readership on the Regina Leader Post, So I don’t have to finish the book and publish it as an iBook if I don’t feel like it. So thee! So there! So there! I am free as a bird, which would be great but I am afraid of heights. 
So go back, look at the video link of August 26,2017 again and read the blog post of September 3, 2017. I am going to get on with my day and it is not yet 8. 

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