How Sweet It Is Those Statistics; Reactions from the Staff at the Lower Level of the Trump International Hotel

I asked wonderful Chris for my statistics the day before yesterday, he got them and sent them to me. Now I will send them to you. Cute Chris entitled his email: Not Too Shabby, how terribly British of him, such an apt phrase. 

So to all of you newbies – it is not really 365 days as this blog began on January 22,2017. I find the most amazing reportage the last thirty days. I have been residing in Vancouver (except for the funeral foray to Edmonton.) 3,239 visitors made 14,903 visits. I write from my perch outside the Mott 32 Restaurant. S.N.S. walked by, probably for a meeting. I showed him my statistics and informed me that I was a force to be reckoned with. He smiled knowingly. He is so funny, when he sees me he ducks behind counters or runs around columns to hide. He is both kidding and not kidding. 
I came down to the Lower Level early this morning loaded for bear as they say. I shall report the conversation in dialogue form. 

Newlywed: Are you popular? 

Me: Is the Pope Catholic? 

I gave Newlywed a glimpse of my statistics. 

Me: Look at that, is it not amazing? 

Newlywed: You must be doing something wrong. 
For some obscure reason I was mentioning to Newlywed about the fact that I am actually a gourmet cook, even though I have not been practicing those skills here at the Trump International Hotel where I only have a kettle and a coffee machine (and that took me weeks to learn to operate). She seemed unimpressed and said only: 

Newlywed: You can cook, really? 
Yes, and I proved it. I was invited to the staff Christmas party at the Rex Whistler Restaurant at the Tate Britain. The only regular invited before or after to that august event i am sure. But for some obscure reason I decided to bring Nachos. Have you ever tried to make Nachos in London – I had to make refried beans from scratch using kidney beans. But did I? Yes and they were absolutely delicious if I do say so myself and I do not have to because everyone said so – even the talented chef. So there Newlywed! So there. 
Master Max working down on the Lower Level is now making his first appearance on this blog. I told him of my statistics:

Master Max: Are you happy about that? 

I pondered that question for several minutes and came outside to say to him:

Me: I am in awe and beholden. 

Beholden is a word that just came to me, I think it is a perfect word. But when I look it up I am slightly confused. The best definition is the Cambridge Dictionary term: feeling you have a duty to someone because they have done something for you. “She wanted to be independent and beholden to no one.” is the sentence that they use to define the term. 
I am beholden to Chris for posting for me and thus providing the emotional support  I have needed to carry on. But I am beholden to no one else. I want to be independent and beholden to no one. I am because of my defined benefit retirement benefit from MCERA and a passel of friends, to say nothing of my adoptive/adopted family. 
As usual CCC gets the final word. I sent him news of my statistics. He was the first to hear. He was the first to respond. As usual: Triple C. to the Rescue! 

WOW!!! are these the stats for the hits on The Queen of Englands blog???

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