Oh What a Beautiful Morning; A Geography Lesson; the Rolls accompanied by a Not Too Fond Farewell

This is being written from the Lower Level of the Trump. CCC is FINALLY back at work. This place falls apart without him, I almost do but not quite. But I am keeping my eye on him. The song that comes to mind at the present time is “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” because it feels like it. It is possible to sort of see out the window of the nineteenth floor, the haze has diminished. I do not have a gym appointment. I have spent the morning in earnest conversation with friends Nancy and Bruce. Such conversations make me feel normal in contrast to some of the rarefied things that take place in the byways and hallways of the Trump International Hotel. 
However I have some rather amazing conversations and I will relate a few. They are recorded in a book that friend Colette gave me because I was always writing upon scrap pieces of paper and then loosing them. Thanks Colette! 
A woman and I were chatting at my blog post about men who fool around on their wives. She said that these lothario want to “sit on two chairs.” II that not profound and does it not describe the impossibility of it all They cheat on business trips and therefore say, to salve their consciousnesses: “That was business, not pleasure.” The feelings of the recipients of their amore are never considered and are actually exploited.
I am not the only person who stays here at the Trump day after day. Another couple from many places including New York stay here as well. At breakfast the man shook his head and said: 

“I have seen enough of your hotties!” His wife probably has not but they are mine, all mine. I saw a woman at the Concierge Desk asking about Air Shows and I thought that it is nice not having a husband. The husband is a pilot so she spends all of her vacation time going to Air Shows. Personally I prefer theatre, museum and fine dining, 
I have been a little mystified about a certain relationship. A wise woman commented: “If people love you, you must love them back.” That sounds simple enough but it would be a complicated existence. 
Hottie said the cutest thing the other day: He said that you are Flirty, not thirty. Some man in Mott 32, a man from Hong King who was an expeditor (or something like that) said that if he would ship me anywhere he would:”classify me as dangerous goods” 
I woke up very early and could not get back to sleep for a while. I wrote the following story to one of the men who geographically challenged me. No response from him as yet but he is one of the world’b busiest men. The brilliant piece was entitled:
Geography lessons go on early in the game and one’s skills become rusty as one ages. Moreover, borders change, new countries are born and others die, so after decades it is a total grab bag. Traveling to distant lands helps but there are part of the world never visited and so remain just a blur. I have found a stimulus to geography catch up – MEN. 

A man develops an interest in me and says he is from Albania. Albania, I ponder, Where is that? Then aided and abetted by Google I discern it is next to Greece and has been a very troubled country for years. 

A man from Bangladesh develops an interest in me. I do know vaguely where the country is but do some reading to learn more about the complexities of the situation and get a bettie sense of the terrain, food stuffs grown etc. 

An extremely helpful young man who looks eerily like a handsome man from London comes from Columbia. Columbia? I have never heard of Columbia. Cousin Gail suggests South America and lo and behold, there t is, next to Venezuela near the Panama Canal. 

The owner of the hotel in which i am reside comes from Malaysia. Where in the world is Malaysia? Well its near Singapore for one thing. Then I meet a man in Edmonton who gives me the inside scoop on the country, or so he says. 

Son, the Crooner is from the Philippines and plans to vacation there bringing books and supplies for a for poor children. I consider visiting him when he is there but it would be hard as I do not know where it is. Now I do. 
Where would I be without men coming from unusual places? 
There is a Rolls Royce that has something to do with this place, I make a demand of CCC.
Me: When do I ever get a ride in the Rolls Royce? 
CCC: You can ride in it to the airport when all your luggage is in the boot and you can show us a one way plane ticket. 
Me: Are you trying to get rid of me? 
CCC: Not me personally. 
The photograph attached is of the Rolls Royce.  

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