The Best Parade of my Whole Life by Far; The Cast and Crew of the Trump international Hotel The Best Seat in the House

I awoke this morning, pushed the drapes button and what did I find? Clouds. Huh? But it definitely made me grateful for the last two days of absolutely perfect weather which allowed a massive celebration of this beautiful country. 
Yesterday I saw the best parade of my entire life and I had the best seat in the house. It was suggested by good old Triple C. 

Me: So there is going to be the parade. E.H.B. says I should go to the pool and look down from the third floor. But those horrid SunDrais people are going to be there and it would ruin everything. 

Triple C. Why don’t you reserve a table for the patio at Mott and then you could watch the parade from there and have a glass of wine. 

Me: What a fantastic idea! You deserve a raise Triple C, not just for that but because you work so hard. 

Triple C. Thank you Ms. McBride 

Me: You are welcome. I will put the word in with the Emperor. (I just did.)
So the parade was labelled the Canada 150 Parade and it occurred on July 2, 2017. it was a “free community celebration that recognized the the history, diversity, multiculturalism, strength and freedom that connects Canada.” Did it ever do that! And WOW, WOW, WOW. It began, so incredibly appropriately with an Indian tribe. (I call these wonderful people Indians because that was their name when I was growing up and calling them other names is a way (in my mind) of denying the inhumanity visited upon them,) But they were so proud as they lead this processional, and they had every reason to be so proud. But then the people in their diversity and cultures kept coming and coming and coming, marching with pride – all kinds of people from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds. At times there were no signs, no outward manifestation of the origins of where the marchers came from. So I would ask the staff. Eric was particularly helpful. I wonder if there will be a CD or something of the parade? So I could relive it. Where was Cecilia when I really needed her? She would be running around with her stick recording everything in the same manner as she did at Canada Place on July 1. (She actually was taking a yoga training class – is that not incredible?) 
The parade lasted about two hours, I was exhausted and spent even before it ended because I was so unusually enthusiastic….waving my Canadian flag, maybe even jumping up and down. The people around were stupefyingly passive which sort of bothered me but not for long. Their loss is my gain. I was mindful of my admonishment of yesterday. “The best way to encourage assimilation is to thoroughly enjoy my Canadianess and model the pride, the politeness, the enthusiasm.”


There was a moment or two though that the sheer passivity and disinterest of the surrounding crowd of people got to me. There was an invitation to sing O Canada and practically no one joined in. I belted out the song – it served them right! I absolutely cannot sing, I am a terrible singer. It served them right to have to listen to me. 
I thought ambitiously as I watched that when I become Mayor of Vancouver I would like a parade like that. I think parades like the one yesterday should be regular occurrences so that we can appreciate one another. One of my most cherished moments occurred about three quarters of the way. I looked toward the upcoming participants and said: “Oh it is the Scottish people! Oh it is the Scottish people!” My origins are 100% Sottish. I am so proud of my Scottish heritage; I am so proud to be a Canadian. 
Shall I tell you of my great seat? It was on the patio of the Mott 32 restaurant. But it was not exactly a seat. I stood on the banquette (with my shoes off, and with permission). It was made even more special because Son, the Crooner was my waiter and I got to see him in action with a neighboring table. He is such a good son and would make any mother proud. (hahahaha)
 So the pictures attached will be some taken at the parade and then one picture from July 1, 2017. it is a picture of the ‘cast and crew’ at the Trump International Hotel. It is posted a day late because I sought permission to include – and got it. There is someone in the middle of the group with a Canadian flag painted on her face. Who could that be? Does she work there? Who knows? 

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