Canada Day, in Pictures and in Pride

Canada Day proved to be a spectacular day of celebration. I was decked out in red and white and painted my face in the colors and shape of the Canadian flag. Thus attracted much attention and delight was heaped upon me. Cecilia and I began the day by trooping down to Canada Place. The festivities were joyous, very will planned and executed. It was a beauty to behold. 
I became celebrity of sorts. A total of 82 people asked to take pictures of me with them included.. Many are attached to this post. Cecilia is my private paparazzi cleverly photographing the process – the picture taking and the sharing of experiences. Mine – that I left Canada in 1967, some fifty years ago and now triumphantly returned, so proud to be back home in a country that I cherish. I am a born again Canadian and I plan to do everything possible to make this land even more true to itself. Assimilation in its finest form is necessary in this city and I saw many examples. It was heartening. The best way to encourage assimilation it appears to me is to thoroughly enjoy my Canadianess and model the pride, the politeness, and enthusiasm. I did it yesterday and please give me the strength to continue.     

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