Late Start, Wonderful Emails, Reflections on An Amazing Day, Not A Trace of Yellow and a Jam Packed Card

I slept in this morning (well for me slept in). I awoke at 7:30, opened the drapes and said: “What the hell!” The open drapes revealed a sight for sore eyes. It is cloudy and rainy with no sign at all of the mountains that I know are there. I am bitterly disappointed because I was getting used to the sunshine and the mountains. My view is blocked due to balloons but it does not much matter because there is hardly anything to see anyway. The balloons are because it was my birthday yesterday and my Trump International Hotel family gave me balloons, cakes, a banner that says Happy Birthday and a gemstone. It was actually rather embarrassing because I was standing in the LL (Lower Lobby) complaining to Triple P. about the newly opened pool and jacuzzi – there are some glitches. Then out the door came Triple C., E.H.B. and others without nicknames (yet). They were singing Happy Birthday and, oops, there I was complaining. Triple C, even had a stupid hat on. It was up to my room with the treasures. Then there was this card with tens of signatures. Actually, not to complain or anything, but the card needed to be bigger because the writing is very small. i will include a picture of it, well two pictures because there is signatures on the back as well. It is rather amazing. I did, of course, make a joke. 
Me: Some people signed both their first and last names so now I can forge checks and make a lot of money.

Triple P.: Oh, Ms, McBride, you are so funny. 
So this morning after the drape opening I opened my email and there were three treasures. One from Lynne telling me that she will come by tomorrow and pick up the book for editing. The uncompleted book and the prose pieces from the Tate book. But speaking of the Tate book, there was an email from a London woman I met at the Dolphin Square gym. “You may remember a couple of months ago you gave me a copy of your book In Contemplation & In Conversation.A couple of weeks ago a friend and I visited Tate Britain with your book. It enhanced our visit and encouraged us to look at works of art we may have dismissed in the past, or merely glanced at. It was interesting to note that the pictures in your book are mostly of women as opposed to in the gallery where pictures of men far outweigh women.So thank you again.” I was utterly blown away by this woman’s comments. Wow. I did talk about the book in this blog, specifically the February 18, 2017 post. 
The other treasure was an email from Hannah the photographer. I wrote to thank you for the picture that was featured on yesterday’s post. Hannah wrote: Gosh, has it really been that long! Many things have happened in that time. Thank you my dear. I’m very happy you are fond of that portrait. It is a very striking one of you.” 
I did go downstairs yesterday, told Triple P. and Triple C. about the hot water bottle leak in the bed. They both accused me of wetting the bed. So I went upstairs, took a picture of the bed with the subject line. Not a trace of yellow. Triple C. responded. 

Triple C. Did you take a photo of an ad on-line for sleep country!!

Me: You doubter you! Just because that is what you would have done does not mean that it is what I did. So there, so there, and again. so there. Back to work on the ever expanding resume. Breakfast not here yet and your arm is no where in sight. Me
But breakfast was soon to arrive. It was California Eggs, the most wonderful concoction in the world with poached eggs and truffle mashed potatoes. I had breakfast in bed in the sunshine with the mountains in view. It was pure heaven. Then it was off to the jacuzzi and then lunch with G. who did actually say: “I cannot stand not to be around you, you are so funny!” 
Then to the Ivanka Trump Spa for a Bath Ritual and the most amazing massage. I was within that hallowed place from 15:00 to 18:00. It was pure bliss and the night was still young. 
This post shall close with a quote from a book that Triple S. gave me for my birthday. It has the best quotes and they shall appear in this blog constantly. This one by Tina Fey. “You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it. You have got to go down the chute.” 
By the way, The Emperor did not sign the birthday card but I trapped him this morning. You shan’t see his signature because he signed the front of the card, not the back or the inside. I guess that is an emperor’s prerogative. 


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