I Feel Blessed; Hannah’s Amazing Picture Taken in the British Museum on May 29, 2016; Notes on a Napkin But Still Trouble in Paradise

I awoke this birthday morning to a beautiful day on the nineteenth floor of the Trump International Hotel. The view is stunning, the sun is shining. I feel blessed and no one could ask for more. it is the happiest period of my life and the most creative. There are notes on napkins on the bed beside me.  I am almost always without pen and paper so when someone says something nice to me I am forced to scribble it on a napkin.  One says: “I love you and that is an understatement.” Another describes me as: “vibrant, outstanding and uplifting.” These are sentiments voiced by strangers – they would have to be say those who know me well. Well not exactly strangers but it was funny.
But there is trouble in paradise. The hot water bottle leaked in the massive bed and now I will have to explain to housekeeping staff that I did not wet the bed. I moved to the other side and changed out of my wet fancy night attire – the huge T shirt picturing Homer Simpson saying: “English, I do not have to learn English. I am never going to England.”  
Hannah Laycock, a friend I met in London, took this picture of me at the British Museum one year ago on an absolutely memorable day. The caption I rediscovered in a book that Jessica gave me. It has been my guiding light for most of my life and I think the look Hannah captured is the feeling of hope that I feel when I find the invincible summer even when I feel like I am in the midst of winter. Hannah, as you can see, is an extremely talented photographer. 
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