Screen Saver Change; New Employee Orientation; Great News and the Holy Grail

A recent task was to switch the screen saver picture on my computer. I LOVE my computer, it is the source of all things bright and beautiful and brings me to you. I found a rather amusing picture of me taken perhaps six or seven years ago. I met one of my brothers at SFO and made a sign talking care to spell the name wrong. I guess I can attach it to this blog for a laugh. 

So (for you) yesterday’s blog is written and Chris, the darling man has posted it. I am almost feeling like a slave master. There is Chris, there is Triple C, there is Caeser, the crooner. Robert the sommelier has said he will do anything for me. i met this guy at the Champagne Bar and we were having a fine chat. I thought he said he was a baker and was quite impressed with his profession. About thirty minutes later it was revealed that he was a banker. Now I could possibly have used a baker. (Hahaha). The man in charge of IT stopped and said: “Ms. McBride how are things going for you?”Fine,, thank you but some minor problems with my Apple computer.” “I will call and make an appointment for you at the Apple Store.” He did, and then arranged with Triple C. to have the hotel car drive me there for my 1:10 appointment. (Well 13:10 if you are part of my UK following.) I did say to Triple C.” How am I going to adjust to real life after this?” I do not recall his answer. But later he did say I should just write To Be Continued. I did.   
it is rather jolly being down here in the lobby, something I have not done in the time since I have been here. I need to figure this all out at one point…but not this minute. I would hang out and talk to Godfrey but I have never just sat about in the lobby. It is rather cozy and comfortable in these parts. Near the end of my stay at Dolphin Square I used to go and sit near the Help Desk when Giuseppe Two was working. But then things changed. His father died, he was gone for a long time and when he came back I was on my way out. Nothing lasts forever – that is both bad and good. For if something is bad it doesn’t last forever which is good. This philosophical bent is most likely the result of the near death experience that I had on September 13, 2014.
I accidentally observed the beginning of New Employee Orientation while writing in the lobby and then spent some time taking with Triple C. about the process. I was phenomenally impressed. All of the department heads arrived and they made a huge fuss over their new employees. They will apparently spend two days in an orientation with all of the department heads speaking of their responsibilities. It is no wonder that this place works so well in marked contrast to the Montague Hotel in London. As there is such an emphasis on the team approach the pettiness and infighting that characterized the Montague Hotel does not exist here. 
I discovered my upgrade was because the General Manager met me, was impressed by me and decided I should be spoiled. By the way, Patrick denies any vision impairment. He asserts perfect visual acuity and remains convinced that I am cute. So there! 
Now it is the next day which is May 17th (I just checked with Triple C and that is what he said). I woke up starving so I came to the lobby, left my computer with Triple C and went to Starbucks which is about two blocks away. I had an interesting conversation with a man called Chris who worked at Ft. McMurray. Then I came home and went briefly to my room and had an intriguing conversation with Carol and learned so much. I will blog about it at a later time. Then I met Bonnie’s daughter who is three and absolutely darling. Then a long conversation and now i am finally back to blogging. It is really late for me to be blogging. 
I am happy, happy, happy because I don’t have to leave here from May 18-May 20. The hotel is jam packed over the long weekend and when I made arrangements for the long term stay I was told that leaving for three days was a necessity. was going to stay with Cousin Gail, taking the train to Coquitlam. I asked her if she would mind and she said: “I don’t mind.” It was not altogether an enthusiastic invitation but I took it in stride. But now I can stay and i do not have to get packed for the ten thousandth time in the past four months. It is bliss.  
Here is the truth of the day. An early morning conversation with Triple C. revealed the following truth. I have found the Holy Grail. There are NO MEN in my life, except for the friends, the slaves and those on the payroll. I have given up the entire notion of romantic love. I am done. I am fine with it, extremely fine. But Triple C and I are negotiating a new job description because he will not have to screen potential candidates for my hand.(and other parts). 
I emailed a London friend. “I loved your review of the play, it definitely made me want to see it! Your review was concise and intriguing. Good job woman. My birthday promises to be stellar! I am spoiled rotten here at the Trump International Hotel where I have a special rate. They treat me as if I was Queen Elizabeth, actually Queen Elizabeth I, the one who was the Virgin Queen. (hahaha) I too miss our meetings. You must come here. Your land is too full of temptation for me, the Virgin Queen. I wrote about the confrontation at the Art of South Africa exhibit in my world famous blog I will never speak of the tongue in the ear.(hahahaha).Love, Alexis” 
After writing the last two paragraphs I looked over at Triple C and said: “I am evil and cruel.” He just nodded but certain people will know the truth of these words. A handsome young man came to me and said: “Would you like water Ms. McBride?” I smiled sweetly and said: “Thank you, you read my mind.” So I write hydrated. (hahahaha) By the way I have lived here at the Trump for twenty-three days. 

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