The Art of Blogging; To Dream the Impossible Dream; A Pillow; Talking to Mario; and The Duck from the Night Before

Well, I do not know if blogging is an art; but it ain’t a science. It is something that has taken over my life. The latest statistical report left me utterly flabbergasted, confused and anxious. It is utterly inconceivable. Had I begun with the grand ambition of becoming the world’s most famous blogger, I suppose I would feel differently, But I did not begin with wild ambition; I began with none at all.
Some time ago, when I was knee deep in psychotherapy, my therapist noted that I had never formed dreams and ambitions. Although accomplished, I was neither driven nor fueled by an intense ambition. She was right. For example, I did not yearn to become a lawyer. While employed as a probation officer, I met a local cop who went to law school at night. “If he can do it,I can do it! “became my motto. I was pretty much bored with being a probation officer, having developed the ability to do it with one arm tied behind my back. (an apt phrase). I also determined I would be working for the rest of my life, therefore, best make more money and have an interesting career. However, it was a cautionary one step at a time approach. First take the LSAT, pass that, apply to law school. I applied only to the school my role model cop attended. After acceptance, it was one year at a time if I passed. I continued my probation officer duties raking up the law school years. By the fourth year decided that I might as well finish. Then there was the livng hell of the California Bar exam; then finding a job. But at the end, some seven years after the process began, I was firmly entrenched in Marin County Counsel’s office. The County of Marin is the proud provider of my defined benefit retirement income which places me here – on the nineteenth floor of the Trump International Hotel laying in a huge bed with million thread count sheets. Ah! To Dream the Impossible Dream!

It does look like it is raining outside but I care not, as I do not have to go outside. I am thinking of a late breakfast in bed. Ideal weather for that. I search for the Breakfast Menu, ponder the choices and determine the timing. I have until 11:30; it is now 7:40. So many choices!!! I am torn between the Breakfast Pizza and the European Breakfast. But steer toward the California Egg because it comes with mashed potatoes and I LOVE mashed potatoes. But more time to decide. The good life.
Admittedly I do occasionally yearn for the man who tells me that I am always on “his thought waves.” We are oceans apart but I do have a vivid imagination. This huge bed comes with huge pillows. They are almost as tall as I am but I am short (as I lost an inch) So I hug a huge pillow and pretend it is him. He is not hugging back so I squeeze extra hard. Then I look up and see my flowers, tastefully arranged. There is a huge blank television screen, I never watch T.V.

But back to blogging. Yesterday I got an email from friend Mario. He has been mentioned in this blog before. He is my friend of fifty odd years who gets to call me Lexie. (or Lexy, as I prefer, and ‘thought wave guy’ somehow knows). Mario says: (in part) “Since I have been avidly following your blog, I have neglected to contact you. Take care and KEEP ON BLOGGING.Tons of love,Mario. I return from Whistler trip exhausted, go to my room and decide, since I live in North America now, I can call Mario. I do and we have a great chat. I tell him about being overwhelmed by all of this. “Yes, Lexy, its like being a celebrity.” “But I don’t know if I like it, it sometimes feels like I am being cannibalized!” “But Lexy, I am addicted to your blog.” “Mario, that is not helping!” Much laughter ensued. After feeling relaxed and relieved from talking to Mario I got dressed again, went downstairs and got two hugs good night. One from Godfrey and one from Patrick. Patrick said: (in an aside) “Isn’t she cute?” He was either talking about me or a nearby dog. I will ask him and get back to you. To newcomers, Patrick and Godfrey are Trump International Hotel staff. Great guys, most all here are quite magnificent.
So tomorrow tales of the trip to Whistler The pictures are of the Mott 32 Peking Duck from the night before last. Yum! .


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