A Few Words Before Heading to Whistler Accompanied By Pictures of Two of My Flower Arrangements

So I woke up early, do not have to be in the lobby until 8:15 for my trip to Whistler so you get to hear from me today. 

One has to love C.C.C. He said (with a straight face) “Ms. McBride are you 47 or 74?” Then talk about eerie, I made a new friend whose name is Ty. How old is he? 47. 
Then someone else said:”Don’t worry Ms. McBride, even I love you from reading your blogs.” I fell on the bed in sheer delight. 
I was hanging out talking to Godfrey and noticed the shoes that the women were wearing. It is definitely going to be a blog topic, accompanied by photographs of said torturous shoes. 
I am SO SPOILED! The flowers magically arrived in my room but there seemed not to be a vase to be had in the hotel. So, I purchased one. But wonders of all wonders I walked into the room later that day and what did I find? The flowers in a vase. I took the vase I bought and the vase they gave me and created two flower arrangements. I took Ikebana flower arranging for twenty years from Yoshi. We went to Japan together and to New York together. Her son lives in Seattle and so she might come to visit him and I will go and see her. I showed the pictures of the flower arrangements to a wonderful staff person here at the Trump.

She: Ms. McBride you have so many talents! 

Me: Thank you. It helps when you are old and don’t have kids – you have more time. But am I 74 or 47? (neither actually and 37 would be pushing it.) 
Ty and I had he Peking Duck at Mott 32 last evening. It was exquisite, the best Peking Duck I have had in all of my 47 years, Unbelievably moist, with the best crispy skin. But you must order it 24 hours in advance. Ty picked the wine from the not to be believed wine list. But rather than a picture of the labels, it is flowers you will get. 
It is unfortunately a cloudy day which will mar scenery watching. Those are the breaks. In everyone’s life some rain must fall. Cliche for the day. 

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