A brief aside about the prospects of ‘having some work done’

I am not sure there is blog language to convey newspaper terminology of late breaking news but this will suffice I hope.

I seriously considered having some facial work done. You know, take away some wrinkles and stuff. Not lip stuff and I would still look like me but facial work.
But then I said to myself: What are you thinking? It suddenly made no sense at all and I decided not to.

I communicated this to Gym Brian, who is a different guy than Personal Trainer Brian.
“I decided not to have any work done on my face”. I said “why? I don’t rely on my looks for anything?”
“You don’t have to, It’s your personality” (Well, I had to hug him at this point and did) You can grow old gracefully.” We looked at one another somewhat aghast and then he amended his words:
We laughed and laughed and I said: :I am blogging this conversation,” And I did.

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