What This All Feels Like, Weird and Sometimes Wonderful.

What does all this feel like? Weird and actually.sometimes quite wonderful. By ALL I mean the blog, its repercussions and the many and massive changes I will be facing in the upcoming months, and perhaps years of my life. My, as Dr. Woolfson defined, itinerant life. Chris, my hero and enabler, came by yesterday and we worked and talked. He brought the mind boggling news that I had 234 visitors and 1000 hits. It is incomprehensible to me. Did I anticipate anything like this? Never. But I am managing to go with the flow, take it in my stride and other such euphemisms.

Almost all of my friends, family and acquaintances are happy for me and praise me to the stars. There was one notable exception, that being my first husband, from whom I have been divorced for 43 years. He said: I had not missed that you had become a BLOGGER but I have NEVER taken up blog following!! Die Zeit wird zeigen, ob die Neugier mich zwingt, Vorsicht in den Wind zu werfen. GrüßenOh dear switched to Deutsch! Google translate will rescue you.” I blasted him back: Well stupid, start following the blog! Mine is like no others. What sort of loyalty do you have to your only first wife? I am not going to waste my precious blogging time looking up German. So you are either on the boat or off the boat. Warning: I am moving back to Canada, but only for a while.” (He is moving back to Canada but our paths will not cross due to timing and location. He has this boat, moored in Canada, that is the love of his life. That is why I said you are either on the boat or off the boat) What is the morality of posting this? I always get the permission of people before I use their name. I did not name him. It can’t possibly hurt him because he has assuredly stated that he “NEVER” blog follows. When I was first evicted from Dolphin Square a friend shook there head and said: “They don’t know who they are messing with!” Point well taken as, at this point, 234 people have learned about the inefficiency and inhumanity of management. AlexisL 234 Dolphin Square: 0. Smiting Dolphin Square was not why I started the blog, but this blog sure came in handy. I feel quite vindicated. Golly, sometimes even staff at Dolphin Square are irritating. I get my monthly bill, they charge me for heat. I have had no heat and have waited months for a part for the radiator. I email objecting to the charge. Have I had a response to the email? No. It was only 28 pounds, I guess I would have lived with it if I were here on a long term basis. But I have observed, both within myself and observing others, that such willful ignoring erodes one’s soul. I am not sure how or why but it does. This place is populated by people without souls. I think I am safe, I have not named any specific person and just referred to general practices and truth is an absolute defense. I am teflon.

But onward with cheerier material. Brilliant Jenn W. is at it again and I have her permission to quote. She actually enjoys it saying that she was quite touched that I mentioned her again. Here is where she is at: “ I haven’t had the chance to sign autographs, but I’ve been practicing on my dry erase board and now I’m really ready. I even have a stack of signatures ready to hand out. I just have to fill in the name of the recipient! Clever, huh? “ Chris and I were discussing the various potentials of the blog. Apparently he can provide links. so you can go and read all of Jenn W.’s funny comments easily and effortlessly. Technology is really rather amazing.

Shabz is the sister of the man who owns the grocery store in Dolphin Square. (He is the one who said I could put a bed in the store, and then Jenn W. said a hammock would be a more portable and hence a better idea). Well Shabz is great, we have great chats and she has found a new and novel use for my blogs. She was in the store and it was a dull day with no customers and she was falling asleep. She suddenly remembered that I had a blog, She tuned in and it woke her up. The posts were a sort of alarm clock she said. She is putting a lot of pressure on me to keep her awake., but I guess I can live up to it. There is a down side to it all, she reports. She says she laughs out loud, involuntary and unpredictably. She fears the customers will think her crazy. I told her not to worry, many are deaf, they will only complain amongst themselves and most do not have souls. She seemed reassured.

My close friends do get some behind the scene information, not shared by the general public. Jim K. is such a recipient. He said this darling thing to me in an email I opened this morning. “Ah the stories you tell! For some reason as you related your adventures today with (-Redacted-), doctor to the stars, the old line “she shall have music wherever she goes” came to mind. But then I couldn’t remember where that little gem came from. So, of course, not being yet dead, I googled it and found the rest of the story, or nursery rhyme, so to speak. All the words had vanished from my mind during these past 60 or 70 years or so, but Banbury Cross reappeared through the fog of time. FYI see ride a cock horse Now I also know what a cock horse is. The whole thing gives new meaning to a queen riding a cock horse.” Thank goodness I shall have music wherever I go because I cannot sing and the radio, received as a gift fell out of programming.

Again a busy day. I have personal training with Brian and then….When I was in junior high school my BFF Beth and I used to consult one another by telephone on a daily basis to decide what to wear. Now I have Marcus and the email. Marcus said and I quote: “Outfit sounds great! XXX” Obviously the outfit is not for the personal training session but something afterwards. I may blog about it, I may not. It all depends.

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