Friendship and Blogging

Most of my friends are on board with my blogging now. I threatened to excommunicate them if they did not hop on board and help with numbers. My numbers are extremely impressive. 70 one day this week, it is mind boggling. Both old friends and new friends have allowed themselves to be quoted. Jenn W says: “ I think I’ve already told you but I want to again–I’m really enjoying your blog! It makes me laugh and I get to know you a little better too–a good thing!” Iain C., new friend, comments that he is an “avid fan”. In a private email to Jim K. I said:” I guess I had better blog all of this – then I only have to write it once.” Jim has been a friend for about fifty years, as we are both getting old. He had been a stalwart during my stay in London. It is most helpful to have friend who is a psychiatrist (and has a sense of humor). I asked him once about a fella: “Is he schizoid?” Jim’s response: “No, secretive.” Friend Mario, also a psychiatrist sent this pithy message: “And when you find yourself in trouble and you’re stuck in a situation that you can’t get out of, there is one thing you should always remember, not everyone who shows up is there to help.” Brother, is that true! I am contemplating a major complicated move in my life and some propose the craziest things like trips to exotic places and self hosted parties. Mario has been a friend for over fifty years. The very precious thing he said to me recently was this: “When I first met you, you were such a ditz and look at you now, you are such an accomplished woman.” He first met me when I was 24.
But back to the blog. Jenn W. was the woman who suggested the hammock as alternative housing. She was flattered to appear in writing and thought fame was coming her way. I quote her: “Thanks for quoting me. I feel rather famous now because no one has ever put what I said in print and now it’s there in your blog! I’m sharpening my pencil for the autographs as we speak.I’m looking up and down the street and I think I see them coming. No, wait, it’s just the mothers taking their kids to school, darn! Oh well, I’m ready!” It made me howl with laughter. I told her so and told her it was going in the blog. It did. Ours is a rather unique friendship. We have known each other for years as she once worked in County Counsel’s Office before going on to bigger and better things. She became editor of KIT when I left for London. That was one of the reasons I left for London, to stop being the editor of KIT, that, and getting away from my therapist. Living here has been very hard, but it has been worth it. KIT is the retirement newsletter, my therapist will remain unnamed (lawyer advice). Jenn W. in California and I am in London but we have become very close. i advance a theory to her about friendship. Close friendship is built upon identification: you identify with a person because you see them as like you in some way. That is particularly true if you have some self esteem. Jenn W. agreed and we decided that the traits that we saw in each other were courage and honesty. Those are actually rare traits. And boy, does that Jenn W. have them. Well, come to think of it, we also share the trait of sense of humor. Hammock, sharpening the pencil. Very funny. You go girl!
Speaking of going girl, I have gotta. Water aerobics beckon. When I stop going to water aerobics in March I am going to serialize this hilarious piece I did on women’s behavior in water aerobics class. It is rather nasty, that is why it has to wait until March. Hilarious, insightful but nasty. I am going to get self reliant and learn to post myself, But right now I can rely on my wonderful Chris. He is my hero and does make all of this possible, on many levels.

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