Common Sense and Arab Unity Returns, Albeit and Perhaps Slowly; Common Sense Extensively Explored; Playfulness Returns Briefly; Expropriator Distinguished From Thief; A New Nickname FAME; Not a Stick-in-the Mud: Photographs of Two Screen Shots; The Book and a Breakfast Scene 

Following Fajr prayer I dutifully checked in with my Inbox to find  an email from my trustworthy Computer Guru Chris. 

He: Okay. All Is posted. I am away for a long weekend but will check in as and when but the connection might be a bit spotty. 

Me: Thank you for letting me know! Have a great weekend. Perhaps I can take some time off. Unlikely but a good idea Love to know where you are going! There is a part of me that yearns for long restful weekends with the love of my life. Not happening! I am actually glad to get this takes the pressure off. I am sure you are going to a dog friendly place. Hahaha Alexis 

The pressure is removed, it was a total blessing. Admit to feeling totally stressed, feeling an obligation to get the word out about Arab Unity, but good old common sense has set in. Common sense it suddenly occurs is a fascinating subject. Do let us explore it. Common sense is good sense and sound judgment in practical matters. That is a down to earth definition if I have ever heard one. I love the synonyms, just wait until you read them, you will too! Synonyms:  native wit, good sense, native intelligence, mother wit, sound judgment, level-headedness,  acumen, sharp-wittedness, canniness, astuteness, shrewdness, judiciousness, wisdom, insight, intuitiveness, perceptiveness, perspicacity, vision, understanding, intelligence powers of reasoning; practicality, capability, initiative, resourcefulness, enterprise, horse sense, gumption, savvy, know-how. 

They all sound good, it is difficult to pick out favorites, although I must. Thy are, not in order of preference: native wit, mother wit, canniness, judiciousness, wisdom, horse sense and gumption. Do feel free to pick out your own favorite. The definition and list of synonyms was found in the Dictionary of my Apple computer. 

Next, I went to Google, discovering this additional information. 

“A person may be considered to be lacking in common sense if they continue to believe or do something when there is evidence to suggest they would be better off thinking/acting differently. We often say that such a person is “set in their ways” and unable to change.”

This added to my understanding as, over the course of my lifetime I have met many who are ‘set in their ways’. Never before realized that these stick-in-the-muds lacked common sense. 

Just then, came up with stick-in-the-mud. Definition is: a person who is dull and unadventurous and who resists change: Boy oh Boy will you enjoy these synonyms: old fogey, museum piece, fossil, dinosaur, fuddy-duddy, square, back number, stuffed shirt, sobersides. It is impossible to pick a favorite, they all are. 

I have just learned more about common sense, that it is a form of practical decision-making and the ability to imagine the consequences of something you do. It stops us making irrational mistakes and makes it easier to make choices on what to do. We aren’t born with common sense, we develop it over time.

So one develops it over time, you are not born with it. You imagine the consequences of something you do. I see now that I have had it since early childhood – it kept me alive. I am unfortunately not exaggerating. 

But onto better thoughts. As you can see, I have become my playful self again. PHEW! I was taking this all to seriously. I took the Quest for Life all too seriously as well.  I was consumed by getting the treasured magazine back to its ‘owners’ – the people of Saudi Arabia. You cannot imagine the relief I felt when I walked out of the ‘office’ of Kind Fahad in the National Library, to see the copy under  glass (plexiglass actually) Then a few days later to find a ripped and torn copy in Jeddah. I spoke to the Oberio Manager who discovered the identity of the magazine thief. He suggested that perhaps the man meant to return it but did not know how.  

I just gave the Oberio manager a nickname: FAME. It stands for Fabulous Astute Manager Exceptional. (When we have our differences I will change the E to Eccentric, but not tell him). FAME says just to announce this, say that the magazine can be returned to Alexis McBride c/o Oberio Hotel and I might just get the magazine back. Then something rather miraculous happened. I do know where the magazine expropriator lives. Yesterday, over breakfast, met a man that lives in Dammam. Apparently he comes to this hotel often. Hmmmmm. 

An expropriator takes something away from the owner, disposes (someone) from property. It is different from stealing or thievery as it is done without the intent to permanently deprive. You just saw an instance of my legal training. There are specific intent crimes – thievery is one. If you want to learn more, go to law school. Hahaha 

 I am taking FAME’s advice. FAME is the man who is scouting about looking for an apartment in Medina for me.  Of course, I am doing my part. My part is to get a Saudi Permanent Residence card. I am working on it! I shall submit proof to you.  One photo, taken from the site, explains the steps involved. I have already requested a trusted man working for MCERA to provide a certified letter which will provide proof of my financial ability. I have also contacted my Canadian Financial Advisor so that, when the time comes, I can come up with the $$$$. Do not know how to get a copy of a criminal record, but will figure that out in time. I know I will pass the physical exam because I am healthy. Perhaps my trusted Edmonton doctor can provide such information. She is a Muslim, once practiced in Saudi Arabia. I am on my way! 

As anyone can see I am using my gumption, my horse sense, my mother wit, and my know-how. I am not acting like a fuddy-duddy, a stuffed shirt or an old fogey.

I do admit that I was mired in self importance – thinking that Arab Unity was somehow something I could bring about. I was so serious about it, that it made me sick. I suffer from GERD (which is Gastro Intestinal Response Disorder). It is usually under control – do not eat a big meal at night, avoid tomatoes and spicy food etc etc etc. However, the thought of being in charge of Arab Unity was so stressful I was experiencing its symptoms. I was texting  AK at the time. 

Me: I have an attack of GERD but Zamzam water to the rescue! 

He: Zamzam water ha. Didn’t know it helps with GERD. 

Me: It does!! It is like satin or silk and soothes as it goes down. It is amazing. 

He: Wow! 

Me: Yeah! FAME gave me a couple of bottles last week. I was blessed to have them. 

He: Nice

Me: Yes. 

Then AK sent a post from Linked In. A woman who had relocated to Saudi Arabia from Dubai. You shall see the screen shot. It looks fascinating. I do love this woman’’s attitude. She definitely is exhibiting sound judgment, wisdom and insight. It will be interesting to follow her journey, comparing her relocation to mine. 

This morning I feel fine. It is soon time for breakfast. I am starving as it was impossible to eat either lunch or dinner yesterday. I am relaxed!

But a few more words about Arab Unity. The author of Islam in Transition: Muslim Perspectives begins his promise to define both Arab Unity and Muslim Unity. 

“It goes without saying that Arab Unity requires the creation of a political union of different Arab countries the inhabitants of which speak Arabic. As for Muslim unity, that naturally requires the creation of a political union of different Muslim countries, the inhabitants of which profess the Muslim religion, regardless of the variety of their languages and races…The author names most of the countries, concluding with this sentence. “Further there is no need to show that the Arab countries occupy the central portion of this far-flung world.” 

“The idea of Muslim unity is, it is true, wider and more inclusive than the concept of Arab Unity, but it is not possible to advocate Muslim unity without advocating Arab Unity. We have, therefore, the right to assert that whoever opposes Arab Unity also opposes Muslim unity. As for him who opposes Arab Unity, in the name of Muslim unity or for the sake of Muslim unity, he contradicts the simplest necessities of logic and reason.” (Pp. 66-67) 

Do not you absolutely love that?  – the contradiction of the simplest necessities of logic and reason.  The author continues. 

“Having established this truth, to disagree with which is not logically. Possible, we ought to notice another truth which is no less important. We must not forget that the expression “unity” in this context, means political unity; and we must constantly remember that the concept of Islamic unity greatly differs from from that of Muslim brotherhood. Unity is one thing, affection is another political unity is one thing and agreement on certain principle is another. To advocate Muslim unity, therefore, is different from advocating conditions in Islam and also different from advocating an increase in understanding, in affection, and in cooperation among Muslims. We can therefore say he who talks about the principle of Muslim brotherhood, and discusses the benefit understanding among the Muslims, does not prove that Muslim unity impossible.” 

More next blog,  whenever that may be. You still have more to learn about this fascinating subject. 

This is now being written from the breakfast buffet. The noise has since proven cacophonous, many tour groups have simultaneously arrived and they are fussing over breakfast. It is as if there might not be enough food to go around. Muslim men are ordering their wives around. Muslim women are servicing the men, ignoring the extremely competent staff that are paid to serve both men and women. I am not sure what Muslim country these people are from. Not Egypt I do not think as Egyptian woman are most independent. 

Therefore I have just seen with my own eyes the problem of Muslim Unity. I will also observe more, speak to the staff to receive their impressions and get back to you. Well, only if you keep reading. Hahaha 

The photographs are the book from which I quote, a screen shot of the Saudi green card application, the screen shot of the Linked In article and a photograph from breakfast. My coffee, a flower and, captured in the background, my Grandson. I laugh with the staff. 

They: He is your Grandson? 

Me: Yes! I know he does not look like me. He must look like his Grandfather. But I forget who his grandfather is. 

They: We know you did not have any children. You are joking. 

Me: Yes I am. Joking about the grandfather but not my Grandson.