My Return to Edmonton Declared an Ultimate Success ; Ultimate Defined; At Least 100 Welcome Backs; A New Yorker Article About Living Free in a Free Society; Photos of Me and Portapotties at Canada Day Celebrations

Who declared the return an ultimate success? Well me of course, who knows better than me?

Now shall be a definition of terms. The ultimate is defined as the best achievable or imaginable of its kind. The synonyms are the best: optimum, last word, very limit, height, epitome, peak, pinnacle, acme, apex, apogee, zenith, culmination, perfection, nonpareil, extreme, extremity; crème de la crème the best thing since sliced bread, the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas. .

This conversation often takes place.
Me: I left Edmonton fifty-five years ago. I am returning here to live and I am so happy about it.
They: Welcome Back!
I have collected at least one hundred Welcome Backs. I shall perhaps keep better track from now on but, as I get at least three a day and been here for over a month, it is a relatively accurate count.
They ask where I have been, there is a short answer and a long answer.
Me: Mostly in California – In Marin County, just north of San Francisco, over the Golden Gate Bridge. The County of Marin is super rich – went to law school at night while working for the county and was fortunate to be hired as a lawyer after passing the bar. So I have a fabulous retirement.

Oh so many things have come together since my May 12, 2022 arrival in Edmonton it seems therefore that I have  reached the zenith, the height, the pinnacle of my long term existence. Edmonton seems to be, for many reasons the best thing since sliced bread, the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas. This is for many reasons. The timing is spot on for one thing. I am weary of travel and impermanence. I grew frightened of having all of my civil liberties curtailed and not being able to speak out about it. That is the horror of the months spent in the UAE – not only would my blog be blocked, my voice cut off but I could have faced arrest and imprisonment for the flimsiest of reasons. My ability to live as a free person in a free society was obliterated totally and completely. Nowadays I can live as a free person in a free society and that society is Canada – not the United States of America. I am at this moment reading a fascinating article by Adam Gopnik – one of my very favorite The New Yorker writers. He speaks of privacy as the ‘core of what it means to live as a free person in a free society. An overriding conception of privacy is at the heart of the right to contraception, of the right to marry whom one chooses instead of whom the State allows. And it is, of course, no accident that Clarence Thomas, in his vituperative opinion on the reversal of Roe, points directly as eliminating those other rights, as well.”  Gopnik further asserts that the recent decisions of the Supreme Court were not made in good faith, and spears the stupidity of Justice Alioto. Further, using factual data says that the Supreme Court is no longer a representative institution reflecting, more or less, the will of the American people. He ends powerfully: “As people die in the streets in even greater numbers, and as women’s autonomy grows ever more curtailed, calling out the court’s legitimacy may be the only way to save it.”  Gopnik’s entire enlightening article may be read by following this link:

Vituperative is a great word, its definition: bitter and abusive. It does make one wonder why  Clarence Thomas is bitter and abusive – unlikely that question will ever be answered.

Oh, by the way,  the immigration pleas from people known and unknown continue to flood my text and email boxes.  Read this all of you and everyone – “As for immigration, the lineups for processing have ballooned over the course of COVID-19. A parliamentary committee was told this spring that the backlog stands at two million people — almost double the pre-pandemic list — and that was considered already way too long.” Should anyone wish to read the entire article of woe this is the link:

At the moment, despite the hard facts found in this article concerning Canada, I am fortunate. My citizenship means that immigration not a problem, not planning on traveling in the near future and, if ever I was planning to travel, do have a passport in my possession. PHEW!! SEE WHAT I mean, my existence is perfection, is creme de la creme is apogee. I do have sympathy for others less fortunate than myself but burdening myself with their irresolvable (at this time) problems is not a good course of action for either them or me. Many have been alerted to the blog and its links, to convince them that I am not making it all up.

Added up my years to find that I have lived in the USA for fifty years, other countries, including Canada for about thirty. I will need to live twenty more years to even it all up. Just may succeed. Health care in this province is excellent, read that is integrated system has been ranked within the top five world wide. I was most fortunate in being able to get a great primary care physician. My property manager (MAN) recommended his physician, called but she was not accepting new patients but I could get an appointment for prescription renewal. We had a great visit.
She: I am not taking new patients but I will make an exception for you as I would like to work with you.
Me: You have made me so happy. I am so pleased and proud to have you as my doctor.
She graduated from medical school in Pakistan and has been practicing in Canada since 2007. She is excellent. One of my first referrals was to a physical therapist for my left knee difficulties and sciatica.  The initial consultation went very well – he assures me that my left knee cap is fine, just need to strengthen the muscles surrounding it. Soon I shall be able to kneel properly for morning and evening prayers, he predicts.  As well, I can add walking to my exercise regime. Do think he is the best physical therapist I have ever had – there have been many over the past seven or eight years.

So far I have accumulated a doctor, a physical therapist, a manicurist, a banker, a handyman, a hairstylist, an attorney, and an accountant to aid in my transition. All of these folks are excellent at their jobs and I am most proud to have them on my team.

I remember meeting a man in Abu Dhabi who was most complimentary:
He: I am impressed. You take such good care of yourself.
Me: Thank you. I consider that a compliment, it is so important to do that for oneself, not expecting others to look after you nor neglecting oneself. .
How do I remember his words? I accidentally reread a blog written when first made his acquaintance. He and I have lost touch with one another, actually even before it left for Canada.

Do not miss Marin County, my place of residence for 43 years. I receive the MCARE retirement newsletter, to keep track of who died. – terrible but true, how else would I know? This week read that a colleague of many years, a dear friend, we took Ikebana flower arranging lessons together after retirement. Left a note in the announcement of his obituary saying that I was living in Canada but if still in Marin his passing would leave a void, a vacuum as he was such a great guy and so much fun. Instead I am here making new friends and there is an Ikebana Society here in Edmonton. I am getting their newsletter. No classes as this is summer – you shall soon learn of the strange summer we are experiencing here this year. Just let me say this – it is a great deal cooler than Abu Dhabi. Thank goodness for that.

Just now received a quote for required tenant’s insurance, not too expensive and I am protected from identity theft and flooding. I laughed with the efficient helpful woman.
Me: On the 16th floor should not have to worry about flooding and who would want to steal my identity?

Now everything in place. Property Manager, MAN shall be happy. I became accustomed to daily housekeeping service when living in hotels, my way of life for the past months. The cleaning personal here are vetted by the property manager – as a tenant you pay for their services independently but no one will be stealing your prescription drugs and unknown people are not roaming about your hallways. Met Ashley by chance, she is great. We definitely got along, laughing away already. Made a Tuesday appointment to receive her services.

But enough about me. Most readers will know that Boris (ungracefully) resigned. Delightful Andy Borowitz of The New Yorker did have something totally funny to say about the situation.
London ( The Borowitz Report)—Boris Johnson reportedly “freaked out” when he learned that an uninvited Rudy Giuliani had turned up in London to offer him advice, U.K. government insiders report. Giuliani announced his mission at an impromptu press conference on the outskirts of the city, at an establishment called Claridge’s Total Hedgerows.

Andy continues: I’m sure Boris will be excited to see me,” Giuliani said. “Who wouldn’t want a little of that Rudy magic?” Contrary to the former New York mayor’s prediction, the embattled British Prime Minister ordered security personnel at 10 Downing Street to post a photo of Giuliani at the building’s entrance, and to be on alert for any man with black inky liquid dripping down his face. Giuliani, however, seemed oblivious to Johnson’s state of alarm. “Before I see Boris, I think I’ll hit a few pubs and go on TV,” he said. “Do any of you fellas know how to get to the BBC?”Perhaps readers not familiar with the antics of Giuliani will not find this that funny but he is known for trying to help out villains like Trump and succeeds only in making it worse for them and for him. An attorney/politician that has earned zero respect.

The photographs attached were taken at the Canada Day celebration just outside my door. The festivities were on the Alberta Legislative Grounds. The young man was a great hugger. He was there with his grandparents. He was not verbal, perhaps autism the cause. But he was so friendly, we laughed and hugged. Another photography is me and a sign. The sign said STAIRS, why was that necessary, anyone could see that there were stairs. Then one of me by the portapotties. Texted the photo to HAMS with this caption.
Me: I am pictured in front of the red and white portapotties. I am in the same patriotic red and white as they – I am the one without the door.
He: Hahaha. I would know you anywhere.

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