Both Good and Evil Found on Instagram; Both Good and Evil Spoken About on This Blog; News of Monkey Pox; Laughs About a Tinder Guy Holding a Fish Brought to Us by The New Yorker; Examples of Good, Communication with Others Concerning the Islamic Faith: Photos of My Mani and My Unconstructed Leon’s Bed

Like almost everything, instagram can be both good and evil. I shall begin by illustrating Evil. Some so-called follower tried to convince me to join with him and his ‘guru’ and invest in something called cryptocurrency. I had previously done some reading and therefore, knew it was losing its value and told him so. He kept pestering me, promoting the stuff; so I blocked him. Therefore, it was with some delight that this message was received via The Economist: “Coinbase, America’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, amounted it has sacked 18% of its workforce amid a market meltdown. Brian Armstrong, the CEO, recloned the ‘crypto winter” could last for “an extended period” and would shrink trading revenues, the company’s biggest source of income. He also conceded that Coinbase had grown too quickly during the crypto boom. “ I am sure that the Instagram guy is not reading this blog, but in the slight chance that he is, shall speak to him.
Me: See I told you so. You are a super sucker. This woman told you , I am sure, that if you attracted a certain number of people to her she would give you more of the worthless instead of money stuff.

Also from The Economist came good news about the monkey pox situation also from the Economist. The European Union said it would sign an agreement to procure 110,00 does of a monkeypox vaccine, to be delivered from the end of June, without naming the supplier. The bloc has so far recorded 900 cases of the virus America’s drug regulator has already approved the use of an existing small pox vaccine. The Who, in preparing for an emergency committee next week, announced it would rename the virus to avoid stigmatizing patients.”  That is interesting avoid stigmatizing patients and not the poor monkeys? Wonder how it got that name to start with. No great desire to research the topic it up – it would, after all, be old news.

But the New Yorker is still fantastic for humor., this one laughs at Tinder but Instagram is often used to the same purpose. It is called I am a Tinder Guy Holding a Fish and I will provide for you. I will excerpt a few of them and then you can laugh to yourself at the ones not provided on the blog by following the link.
Photo #1
Behold my mackerel.
I have caught it for you and it is for you to eat. Love me, for I shall fill your dinner table with many fish such as this one in the days to come. During our time together, you will never go hungry or fear famine. You will never want for trout, salmon, or otherwise. I will sustain you with my love and with my fish.
As you may have suspected, my talents do not end at fishing. I excel in many areas. Working out, for instance. In this picture I display for you my abdomen. Abdomens are important for fishing excursions and mirror selfies, such as this one. I flex for you. What do you think?
I will provide you with many orgasms and sea bass
Photo #6
Now I am spreading my arms wide in front of a landscape. Behold my mountain, my sky, my clouds, my wingspan. These are the arms with which I will hold you during long, dark nights. I will claim you as I have claimed this landscape, as I have claimed myriad salmon. I will fight for you as I have fought for the right to so many weight machines already in use by someone else at the Y.M.C.A. My arms ache for you, and I have nothing left but to stretch them out and fly home to your heart. For mine are the wings of an albatross that shall descend upon the water’s surface, pluck out the ripest flounder, and place it at your feet as a small offering of my love, if you swipe right.

It is SO funny as it is SO true. Those ‘would be grooms’  are always promising something. It does not actually help if you met them, as I have at least two or three times and one actually wrote my name in the sand at Saadiyiat Island in Abu Dhabi.
He: I will make you the happiest woman on the earth and portions of Mars.
Me: (then) Wow! How funny portions of Mars as well.
Me: (now) Well, Mr. No Show. Fortunately I am already the happiest woman on earth and portions of Mars without your help and with your help I would have been the unhappiest woman on earth and portions of Mars.

That is the contrivance with these guys, they promise to love you forever but they have never met you, and if met, it was a brief meeting. But they are all over and one hears multiple stories of the horrors that are visited to those who believe in the fakes. The two parties involved are desperate people The man has so little self worth that he takes on the identity of someone else.  The woman so alienated that she looks for affection on line but it is SO time consuming so she never has a life outside of her social media presence. The social media guy utterly adores her, much better than anything she ever had before. But he is not real, you are not real. Nowadays I never have private conversations on Instagram and refuse to go to WhatsApp or other social engines with these guys. Increasingly, I have a life with real people – not reel people. Use Instagram to stay in touch with old friends – follow their lives, particularly those who post constantly.

Instagram is used Increasingly to connect with the Islamic faith. Here are some examples:

on Instagram. A blessed person posted “As you grow older you realize more and more why the Prophet Muhammad said that this world is a prison for believers”
I was so struck with this reel that I responded:
Me: I do realize this and wish for my death. But then Allah will decide, not me.
Blessed person: Maybe there is something left for you to do here first.
Me: I love you for saying this!! I am convinced that there is! And your thoughts confirmed this. I trust that Allah directed to say this to me. I truly do. All praise to Allah

Another post read.
You cannot change the people around you but you can change the people around you! I responded as it  on target for a recent event in my life.
Me: Thank you for this! You are so right.This was so helpful to read because I just did it – changed the people around me by eliminating a person who was having a toxic effect upon me. We were constantly misscommunicating but he took no responsibility for this and blamed me. Upon hearing of my dilemma a wonderful woman she suggested blocking him and taught my how to do it. I could not change him but instead have her in my life
She : Good work! Accompanied by clapping emojis

I saw a quote that said whenever your alone remind yourself that Allah has sent everybody away so that it’s only you and him? And it hit deep.
Me: I so love those moments with Allah. I treasure them. All praise to Allah.

Did an Instagram reel performance from Khrome Nails  showing off my gorgeous mani and pedi. The reel was full of  oy and laughter. A wonderful woman by the name of Fatima responded:
She: Happy for you…happiness is always for you.
Me; How beautiful! Thank you for that! I believe that happiness is a gift from Allah.

The caption read. Here in heaven! Mani and pedi in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Canada is my home and native land. Join me, you probably can.

On a more serious note.
A reel spoke of Allah’s plan for us. Beginning with saying that sometimes the plan of Allah does not make sense to us. You can make your own plans but it might not work out because Allah has other ideas for you and Allah is the best planner. This truism caused me to respond.
Me: I am so blessed in that I utterly trust Allah’s plan for me, no matter what it might be.

Another one.
And I advise you to take care of the women, for they are created from a rib an the most crooked portion of the rib is the upper part; if you try to straighten it, it will break, and if you leave it, it will remain crooked, so I urge you to take care of the women. (Bukhari 5186)
Me: Lovely!! Thank you!! All rigid Muslim men need to be reminded of this! And you did remind them. If only they would listen. All praise to Allah.
I then receive notification that my comments were pinned to his reel.
Me: My goodness what an honour to be pinned to this reel. All praise to Allah!
He: All praise to Allah

The photographs are of my beautiful nails and my bed that has not yet been put together. I am sleeping on the floor. The bed delivered on June 1, appointment made to have installer put it together. He was great but there was missing hardware. My days and nights have been combusted with trying to get the necessary nuts, bolts and screws to do the job.Apparently Leon’s is not known for their customer service ,(well not known in the positive sense). Purchased a floor length mirror at the same time. When unpacked ti was broken in the box, in transit. I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor since moving into my apartment. I am 79 years old – that was fun when I was in my twenties but not now. My hippie days are long ago and far away. A technician is supposed to come today – I am not expecting a solution. The Islamic faith has taught me patience – for that Leon’s Furniture should be forever grateful.  Although I do admit that I am patiently building a written record, in case a solution is not found soon. Being a lawyer comes in handy, and once a lawyer, always a lawyer.

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  1. Hello my aunt, hope you are having a good life.
    I liked the bed seriously and the ring plus the nails.
    I enjoyed the blog is a long story but is really nice, it’s true aunt a lawyer is a lawyer.

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