Conversations From Instagram and Real Life Conveying Hope, Promise and Goodness; Living Well is the Best Revenge; Blatant and Hypocrisy Defined; The Inhumanity of Employment Conditions at Rixos Resorts and in the UAE; The Qur’an Brings Comfort; Eavesdropped Text Conversation; Photos of Stuffed Animals; A View with Boa and Oman Hat and a Beautiful Garden

I met the most interesting, the most wonderful, the most talented  young man during my Abu Dhabi beginning days.  He was employed by, and I was staying at,  the Rixos Resort. The Rixos Resort appears heavenly, beautiful setting on the beach well manicured lawns, marble floors, great architecture. every amenity  known to man, all exclusive so everything, including liquor flows freely. But it actually is a Den of Inequity.  It is contrary to almost every dictate of the Islamic faith, its guests, rarely of the faith, are in the main, rich entitled, vain, negligent uncaring parents raising rude disrespectful children. The original plan, admittedly conceived rather hastily, wastto stay there for two months at a so-called special rate which lined the pocket of the leasing manager. But fortunately, went on line, got a cheaper rate, a better rate and was able to get out of there in a manner of weeks. But met some jewels, some wonderful people, not the guests but the staff. Remain in touch with three staff to this day two through Instagram. Marina , a water aerobics instructor, resigned and went back home to the Ukraine. Oops. She is alive and throughout the invasion by Russia has bravely shown footage of the atrocities on Instagram reels.

The other individual with whom I still blessedly communicate with calls himself Prince A Zei, He consistently and constantly posts the most clever Stories on Instagram in his spare time. He has mastered the Art of Tik Tok, has prodigious talent. PIZ  did an utterly amazing take-off on me – not sure If it can be duplicated on the blog but just go to Instagram Alexis  McTwit, in the menu click on Me, Not Actually. The man did capture me in all my insanity. PIZ did a ctually. It is hilarious and does capture me, that is for sure. Today a powerful Story appeared, one with special efcts, the caption Success Is the Best Revenge. Of course I had to respond.  response:
Me: I agree with you! Living well is the best revenge is my motto. When one is happy and centered in their present life, all of the people and things that did you harm basically disappear, you forget them and they have no effect on you. I have an even larger sense of joy in that I blog about the happy times I am having and my enemies can read about it anonymously should they choose. I do not have to keep my good life secret and hidden. I can be blatant about it. .
I do adore the synonyms of blatant: flagrant, glaring, obvious, undisguised, unconcealed, overt, open, transparent, patent, evident, manifest, palpable, unmistakable; shamele, unabashed, unashamed, without shame, impudent, insolent, audacious, unembarrassed, unblushing, brazen, barefaced, brass-necked, brash, bold, unrepentant; arrant.. The antonyms do not exactly describe Alexis McBride (aka Fatimah); the antonyms are: inconspicuous and subtle. So I shall publish the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in flagrant, shameless audacious, barefaced and brass-necked fashion on this blog.

Of course, I shall speak the truth about negative people, places and things I encounter. For example, the Rixos Resort has an underbelly of evil. Its staff are exploited in utterly inhumane fashion. They do not have a, much less two, regular days off and get NONE for weeks at a time when the resort is busy. Housing is provided ‘off campus’ and are bused back and forth at certain hours not always compatible with their work hours. The rare moments when they are free from work restrictions are placed upon who they may see. Many, if not most, have their passports confiscated for the duration of their ‘employment’ contract. It is a form of slavery even more odious than that of Blacks in the Southern States prior to the Civil War (and after).
All of this takes place in a place which prides itself on its Tolerance. Hypocrisy reigns in the UAE alongside the Recently Appointed President of the UAE. Rixos Resort is not the only employer treating their workers in the fashion – it is commonplace. The only exception I found was at my precious Abu Dhabi Airport Premier Inn. The hotel is not, by any means, perfect but it at least resembles a state of humanity.

By the way, the synonyms of hypocrisy describe the situation: sanctimony, pietism, piousness, affected piety, affected superiority, false virtue, cant, humbug, pretense, posturing, speciousness, empty talk; insincerity, falseness, falsity, deceptiveness, deceit, deceitfulness, deception, dishonesty, dissembling, dissimulation, duplicity, imposture, two-facedness, double-dealing. That is the UAE, full of posturing, dishonesty, duplicity, pretense, false virtue, empty talk and insincerity. Now, of course, that is not everyone. But the only person of honesty and sincerity that I have seen is the Real, not the Fake, Sultan bin Saeed al Mansoori. Admit to never having met the Real Thing. So sorry I did not.

Some of you will be saying:
You: Alexis, why did you not speak of this before?
Me: Well at first I did not know what was going on. Like most, if not all,  tourists I took the smiling faces of the staff as real. But soon it began to be revealed, as people trust me, talk to me, tell me of their secrets. But at the same time, others knowledgeable about the real depravity of the country told of the censorship that I would face. My blog could easily be banned, cameras constantly recorded my every activity, my phone could be hacked. I could easily go missing and never be heard from again. So I walked a fine line, a tight rope. There is no safety in hiding, I was well liked and would be missed. The entire staff at the Premier Inn, particularly the Head of Security, vowed to keep me safe and did. I shut my mouth until I could be in safety. I am now in safety.
You: Are you going to speak out now?
Me: Once in a while. But I am not going to let this consume me. It cannot. The Islamic faith, the Qur’an instructs that when one confronts Evil – you walk away. Get away from the Evil and the Satans. Leave retribution and justice to Allah. The Qur’an brings comfort: “Nor can Goodness and Evil be equal. Repel (Evil) with what is better: then will he between whom and thee was hatred become as it were thy friend and intimate!”. (Al Fushilat, 41:34).

Onto the brightness and hope encountered in the last two days. Faithful readers of the blog and, those on Instagram, will know that I met a wonderful woman and her daughter in the Concierge Lounge of my Chateau, we met for breakfast, they caught plane (s) home. The texts continued to flow and you shall get to eavesdrop on our fun.
Me: My cab guy called. We are either going to Dollarama store or to find my mother’s grave. Strange choice that. I think Dollar store will win. Mom is not going anywhere. I am SO laughing at myself.
Me: I feel bless that we met! It is true. (She loved that)
Me: You cannot believe my life. Even I cannot. Anyway I blogged and put in Bethany’s photo. (She loved that)
Me: Met and rejected a guy this afternoon. I am getting better at this. A Jamaican – he kept making a pass at me so I smacked him and then rejected him in front of his ‘team’
She: Getting on second plane – now we’re drinking wine – best weekend with my gal – love her so blooming much – wait until meet the other one and her partner.
Me: I cannot wait either. I cannot wait to be in freedom with you guys – I could drink a glass of wine and laugh even harder. You are just what I need! I meed a strong funny woman friend who is not jealous of me and drinks wine and swears. That is you and that is me. Hahaha
She: Yes – I swear by it. LOL . Just home, It is gorgeous here.

She sent a picture of her garden which shall grace this blog.

Me: OMG. The most beautiful garden I have ever seen It is, and I have seen some gardens in my time. Will put on my blog if I can figure out how. I think I know how.
She: You will love my garden.
Me: I do already. It was love at first sight. I am SO funny!! I am laughing at myself and my own jokes. Pathetic!!

Today has been a great day so far. The fabulous Philippine woman in charge of housekeeping on this floor came to my room. The following conversation took place.
She: Since this is your home we are going to organize it better.
Me: I got all sorts of treasures from the Dollarama store, I have a microwave in my room now so got dishes and food and containers. But I also got a moose, a rubber Duckie and a crib toy.
She: Well,  your animals cannot sit on the chair. You are supposed to sit on the chair. Here, we will put them on a towel on top of your suitcases in this corner.
Me: What a great idea! What would I do without you?
She: We will put your books on the window shelf. What do you want me to do with this box?
Me: It is the box my prayer rug came in. We need to throw it out as the man that gave it to me was a Satan. It will burn in the incinerator just as he might burn in hell for what he did to me. The prayer rug has been purified because Allah does answer my prayers that I make on it.
She: Fine I will throw it away. I will see you in three days.
Me: Great. Thank you so much it is so much like home already.

I do have no idea why I now have a vast collection of stuffed animals. Actually, I do have an idea. I did not actually have a childhood – it was full of abuse and fear. I get to have my childhood now – I am financially secure on my own right and have no obligations to any family member. If I had a choice between having a happy childhood and a boring, dismal old age OR a tortured childhood and a happy, joyful old age: I would pick the tortured childhood. That’s good because that is what I got.

Photograph is of the beautiful garden and some of the new animals from Dollarama, the pink feather boa,  along with a mannequin wearing the hat given to me by the man from Oman. He was, and is, real but he has two wives already and does not need another one I am sure. But there is also the Real Sultan who also is from Oman. Do not know about his status  but he can have four wives. It is because he is Royalty. All of my Middle East knowledge, acquired over the last three years,  is going to go to waste. Oh well!!  Canadian politics are going to be a bit tame and boring compared to the “shenanigans” of those Rich Royals. However, I could become the Prime Minister of Canada. I am Sheikha Fatimah in name only as it does not look like I shall obtain my Queenly title legitimately.

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